Turnkey Fiber Drum Barrel Making Production Line

fiber barrel

The fiber drum production line is used to produce square and round fiber paper barrels、drum. It only needs to change the mold and is suitable for the production of fiber barrels of various specifications and sizes. This production line includes multiple processes and equipment to complete the entire production process from raw material processing to final packaging.

The paper barrel machine is suitable for the production of heavy industrial paper tubes. It can be used for the production of inner core paper tubes for color steel, aluminum foil, aluminum plate, copper foil, copper plate, and copper tubes. It can also be used for the production of paper barrels for chemical, pharmaceutical factories, dyes, etc.

Our fiber barrel production line has unparalleled efficiency and reliability in fiber barrel production.

Fiber Drum Production Machine Features

Fully Automatic

It can automate the entire production process, from kraft paper coiling, cutting, gluing to finished drum barrel making, without manual intervention.

High Precise

Fully automatic fiber drum making production machines have a high degree of automation and precise control systems.

Easy Adjust

The automatic fiber drum bareel manufacturing production machine also has the function of quick mold change and adjustment.

Paper Barrel Production Machine Working Flow

The fiber barrel production line usually includes the following key links: raw material processingroll formingbottom reinforcementtop shapingsilk screen logocoating treatmentdryingpackaging, etc.

The paper barrels production process is divided into three steps:

  1. Cut the raw paper, add the configured adhesive, roll it into the barrel with a rolling machine and then dry it;
  2. Then roll the configured iron hoop extension bars with the barrel body support, and roll the upper bottom with the barrel bottom support;
  3. Finally, combine the made locking hoop and upper cover with the barrel body, and print the trademark on the barrel body to complete the paper barrel manufacturing process;
02Max jumbo roll diameter1300mm
03Max jumbo roll width800mm
04Paper weight280-360gsm
05Round tube diameter240-450mm
06Gluing methodSingle layer

The fully automatic fiber drum body making machine consists of a paper loading rack, a paper separation knife rack, a gluing device, a barrel roll device, a paper cutting device, a barrel unwinding device, a barrel receiving device, etc. The paper shafts are all inflatable shafts, and the paper rack rises and falls automatically.

  • Adjust the specifications, the mold is easy to change, and there is no need to adjust the clamping and other mechanical devices.
  • The cutter is modularly manufactured, which is easy to replace and has low cost. Each cutter pad can cut more than 40,000 times.
  • The rubber roller is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, inverter-controlled, uniformly glued, and saves glue;

Automatic laser equipment welding machine is mainly used for cutting, welding and edge beating of iron hoop barrel (welding wire barrel) steel strip.

  • Cutting, welding and edge beating are formed in one step;
  • Cutting diameter range is 270-650mm;
  • Cutting width is 48-75mm, edge beating width is adjustable,
  • Switch the size at any time, the specifications can be customized;
  • High efficiency: about 8 welds per minute, automatically stop and wait when there is no material or the output reaches;
  • The whole machine has heavy-duty rack, chiller, laser, laser head, etc., PLC, inverter, servo motor control, CNC adjustment.
02Welding width48-75mm
03Production speed450pcs/hour
07Area occupied1.3*2M
01Processing range280~650mm
02Capacity1000~1200 pieces/8 hours
06Number of operators1 person

The fully automatic ring fixing and beading machine can accurately control the size and shape of the edge rolling to ensure that the quality of the upper and lower steel hoops of each paper tube is uniform. This can not only improve the consistency and stability of the product, but also reduce the scrap rate and reduce production costs.

  • The overall structure of the fully automatic ring fixing and beading machine is beautiful, strong and stable;
  • The machine base is welded with 16MM thick steel plates, equipped with 35 linear sliders, guide surfaces and motor mounting surfaces, and is processed and formed in one step by CNC gantry milling;
  • Equipped with automatic water spraying function, the barrel mouth and barrel bottom are rolled at one time to ensure the quality of the edge rolling;

The base of the automatic fiber barrel bottom lid fixing machine is welded with 16MM thick steel plates, equipped with 35 linear sliders, guide surfaces and motor mounting surfaces, and is formed in one step by CNC gantry milling. A special barrel feeding device is used to ensure stable and reliable barrel feeding. The machine heads on both sides are controlled separately, with dual oil pumps for oil supply, stable oil pressure, and can be started separately. It has a material shortage recognition function.

  • The fully automatic fiber barrel bottom sealing machine has the features of high stability, can run stably for a long time and maintain a good production state.
  • The machine adopts advanced technology and equipment, which can realize fully automated production without human intervention, greatly reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency.
01Tube lengthDiameter 280-650mm, height 300-1100mm
02Tube diameter25-200 mm
03Tube wall-thickness1-20 mm
04Knife quantity1
05Cutting wayTube rotate only
06Mainframe size2800*750*1300 mm
01Processing rangeDiameter 280-650mm
03Heating Power3kw

Paper tube labeling machine is a professional equipment for labeling paper tubes. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, precision, and reliability, improves the production efficiency of enterprises, ensures the accuracy of labeling results, provides long-term investment value for enterprises, and is widely used in various industries.

  • The paper barrel has a smooth appearance, rounded interfaces, and an overall beautiful appearance;
  • Automatic counting and statistics of quantity, no personnel on duty is required in the automatic operation mode;
  • Punching can be riveted or welded, and the punching position and hole size can be customized according to customer requirements;

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