Automatic Precision Paper Tube Cutting Machine With Multiple knives



The automatic paper tube cutting machine with multiple knives can accurately cut paper tubes in a short time and improve production efficiency. It can quickly and precisions cut paper tubes, improve production efficiency, reduce manpower costs, and is an ideal choice in the paper tube processing industry. The knives can be added or decreased according to your paper tube-specific cutting length request!!

automatic paper tube cutting machine with multi knives

Automatic Paper Tube Cutting Machine Advantages

The cutting precision is high, the incision is smooth, and the quality of the paper tube is guaranteed;

Using advanced automation technology and equipped with multiple blades, it can perform multi-path cutting at the same time, greatly improving cutting efficiency;

It is easy to operate. You only need to set the cutting parameters and press the start button to automatically complete the cutting process without manual intervention, greatly saving labor costs;

In terms of application fields, automatic precision paper tube cutting machines can be widely used in paper tube packaging, paper tube printing, paper tube manufacturing, and other industries.

automatic paper tube cutting machine details

Paper Tube Fine Cutting Machine Parameter


No Item Parameter
1 Name Automatic paper tube cutting machine multi knives
2 Model JYDQGJ—1300
3 Input voltage 380V three-phase four-wire
4 Application Diameter 20-126mm, wall thickness 0.8-8mm
5 Function Suitable for precise cutting of paper tubes with a length of less than 1320

Here is the automatic paper tube cutting machine with multiple knives YouTube video of the working process in our factory for your reference!!


Paper Core Cutting Machine Automatic Features

1. Use customized accelerating cylinders to speed up work;
2. The machine head adopts a steel plate frame structure, which has higher transmission stability;
3. The fuselage is equipped with a high-pressure air storage tank, and the air supply stability is good;
4. Circuit control uses a transformer to convert voltage to ensure accurate operation of electrical components;
5. The feeding device is flexible, similar to manual feeding. The bending or ellipse of the paper tube will not cause damage to the paper tube;
6. The core circuit control system is Weikong PLC and Will text display control. The circuit control time can be accurate to 0.1 seconds. Stable and reliable, easy to adjust the value;

Paper Tube Cutting Machine Details

Pure copper brake motor
Pure copper brake motor has a long service life, high efficiency, and stronger safety;
Thickened channel steel.
Made of high-quality channel steel, the overall structure is strong and durable, and refuses to cut corners;
Air expansion shaft transmission system
The winding air expansion shaft transmission system is mainly composed of a motor, reducer, air expansion shaft, chain, etc.;
Simple operation panel
Introduction to the panel, simple operation, adjustable length and speed, stable performance, accurate and smooth operation;

automatic paper tube fine cutting machine details

The automatic precision paper tube cutting machine has the advantages of multiple blades, high precision, easy operation, and good stability. It is suitable for paper tube packaging, paper tube printing, paper tube manufacturing, and other industries. Its emergence has greatly improved the production efficiency of paper tubes and reduced production costs. It is an indispensable and important equipment in the processing and production of modern paper tube enterprises. If you are also interested in this automatic multi-knife paper tube-cutting machine, please feel free to leave a message with us online to get more detailed information and a free quotation for the automatic paper tube-cutting machine!!


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