Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Making Manufacturing Machine For Sale


In modern society, toilet paper is an indispensable necessity in people’s life. In order to meet the growing demand, fully automatic toilet paper manufacturing production machines came into being. This advanced equipment can not only improve production efficiency but also reduce labor costs and waste of resources.

The fully automatic toilet paper-making production machine adopts the latest technology and innovative design to complete the toilet paper-making process quickly and precisely. It features automatic feeding, cutting, folding, and packaging, reducing the need for manual operations. Through the precise control system, the machine can ensure that the quality and specifications of each roll of toilet paper are consistent, and provide consumers with high-quality products.

The invention and application of automatic tissue paper toilet machines revolutionized the tissue industry. It improves production efficiency and quality, meets market demand, and plays a positive role in environmental protection. With the continuous advancement of technology, it is believed that automatic toilet paper production machines will be further developed and improved, bringing more opportunities and challenges to the toilet paper industry.

Automatic Toilet Paper Making Machine Features

Improve Efficiency

The automatic toilet paper production machine can greatly reduce manpower input and production time, and improve production efficiency.

High Quality

The automatic toilet paper machine can precisely control the thickness, length width of the paper, ensuring each roll toilet paper consistency and reliability.

Environmental friendly

Automatic toilet paper machines can reduce the consumption of natural resources, reduce pollution & waste generation in the production process.

Toilet Paper Manufacturing Process

  1. Use a toilet paper rewinding machine to rewind the jumbo roll of toilet paper into small rolls.
  2. Use the paper core-making machine to make the paper core for toilet paper rolls.
  3. Use a toilet paper cutting machine to cut the long paper rolls into small paper rolls.
  4. Use toilet paper packaging and a sealing machine to pack the small rolls into plastic packages. 

Here is the toilet paper manufacturing process youtube video in our factory for your reference!!

Toilet Paper Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Automatic toilet paper rewinding machine- use this machine to rewind jumbo toilet paper rolls into small rolls.

Computer programming PLC control, touch screen control interface.

The embossing effect is clear and beautiful, and the embossing pattern can be customized.

The toilet paper slitting machine can automatically load the paper, and have an automatic embossing function, automatic threading, rewinding, trimming, spray glue sealing, and automatic paper tube function.

02Base paper width≤2800mm
03Equipment speed280m/min
04Main power7.5KW
05Paper holder2 layers
06Dimensions mm6500*4200*1750
01Item noJYD-100
02Paper layer2-9 layers
03Inner diameter20-80mm
04 Thickness1-5mm
06Winding head2 heads

JYD-JG100 paper tube machine is suitable for paper tubes with a diameter of Ø20-80mm; production of paper tubes with a thickness of 1-5mm and a 2-9 number of paper layers.

Toilet Paper Core-Making Machine Features

  1. The mold is fixed by a flange and female-female buckle, which is easy to replace.
  2. The main engine adopts electric angle adjustment, which is convenient to operate;
  3. JYD-JG100 toilet paper core machine the cutting table is equipped with a servo synchronous circular knife for cutting so that the gap between the paper tubes is uniform and the cutting end surface is flat;

Automatic toilet paper cutting machine- Use this machine to cut long rolls into small rolls.

This toilet paper cutting machine adopts PLC programming control, large-screen real-color man-machine interface operation, precise servo control feeding length, mechatronics control, and other international advanced technologies, can automatically detect every key action, and has a complete fault information prompt system so that the whole production line reaches the best working condition.

02Cutting speed100~180 cut/min
03Raw material length≤3000mm
04Cutting deviation±1mm
05Total power7.5kw
06Dimensions mm4200*2300*2250
01Item noJYD-650
03Packing speed5-10 package/min
04 Total power0.4KW+0.8KW
06Winding head2 heads

Automatic toilet paper packaging and sealing machine-Use the machine to pack small rolls into plastic packages and seal them.

Working principle: automatic conveying → bagging → automatic flattening → automatic paper pushing → automatic bagging → automatic pin sealing → fully automatic completion.

The whole machine has compact structure, fast packing speed, stable and reliable performance, high degree of automation and simple operation, it is the preferred product for producing roll paper packaging!

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