Fully Automatic Honeycomb Paperboard Making Machinery


The fully automatic honeycomb paperboard making machine is an advanced equipment used to produce high-quality paper honeycomb trays. Paper honeycomb pallet is a lightweight, structurally strong packaging material that is widely used in the logistics and transportation industries.

The fully automatic honeycomb paperboard making machinery has the features of high automation and can automatically complete the manufacturing process of paper honeycomb trays, greatly improving production efficiency. It uses advanced technology and an innovative design to quickly and precisely convert cardboard into a honeycomb structure for a strong and durable pallet.

Paper Pallets Production Machine Features

Improve Efficiency

It can greatly improve production efficiency and save human resources and time costs.

High quality

It is able to produce high-quality paper honeycomb trays that provide better protection and support for items.

Environmental friendly

It is recyclable, helping to reduce environmental burdens and promote sustainable development.

Honeycomb Paperboard Manufacturing Process

Multiple rolls of paper are loaded at the same time—>gluing line—>compositing and drying—>cross-cutting—>automatic stacking and collection—>honeycomb paper core transportation—>finished product collection and packaging

1, the first step is using Honeycomb Core Machine to make corrugated paper into core paper.

2, Use Honeycomb Panel Lamination machine to glue, cut and press the honeycomb core and craft paper into the honeycomb panel in line.                     

3, Use Paperboard slitting machine to cut honeycomb panels into the right side of the top panels for pallets

4, Glue the V shape corner on the edge of the honeycomb panel, making the pallet more strong and beautiful

5, Using a Toothless band saw to cut the legs for the pallets

6, Gluing machine apply glue for pallet legs and put it on the honeycomb panel

7, Pallet pressing machine is used to assemble and press the honeycomb pallet to make the leg with the panel stronger.

Here is the paper honeycomb manufacturing process youtube video in our factory for your reference!!

Honeycomb Paper Board Production Line Working Flow

Honeycomb Core Machine

Honeycomb core machines are used to produce honeycomb structural paper cores. A honeycomb paper core is a material with many small hexagonal voids, similar to a honeycomb. It has lightweight, has high strength, and has excellent thermal insulation performance, so it is widely used in many fields.

Honeycomb paper core machine working principle

First, it sandwiches two layers of sheet material together to create a sandwich structure;

Then, the machine injects a honeycomb core material, usually a polymer or metal, between the sheets;

In this way, a strong bond is formed between the sheet and the honeycomb core material, giving the whole material excellent strength and stability;

01Honeycomb paper board thickness 6-100 mm
02Paper core width (before expanding) 2000 mm
03Honeycomb core cutting speed cuts/min0-800(decided by thickness)
04Applicable paper gsm90-200 corrugated paper as core paper
01Honeycomb paper board thickness 6-100 mm
02Maximum width 1600 mm
03Cut honeycomb paper board  Length >=500 mm
04Layer of face paper1
05Max designing speed20m/min
06Production speed6-16m/min
07Heating drying methodelectrical

A honeycomb Panel Lamination machine is a kind of equipment used to manufacture honeycomb panels. The honeycomb panel lamination machine through gluing, cutting, and pressing unit, this line can make a maximum 100mm thickness honeycomb panel in line.

The honeycomb panel lamination machine working principle is to put two layers of panels and honeycomb core into the machine together, and then through the action of heat and pressure, they are tightly bonded together.

A honeycomb panel is a lightweight material with a honeycomb structure sandwiched between two panels.

Paper corner protector machine can make V shape angle paper corners, it can be used to glue on the edge of the honeycomb cardboard.

The V shape angle paper corner’s function is to prevent the corners of the honeycomb cardboard from fraying or damaging.

It can easily nest the corners of the honeycomb paperboard into it to form a protective layer that effectively prevents the corners from fraying. Thus prolonging the service life of the honeycomb paperboard.

Its easy use and beautiful appearance make it widely welcomed and applied. No matter for personal use or the commercial field, the paper corner protector is an indispensable tool.

05Paper surface150g-200g
06Core paper300g-700g
07Cutting modeAutomatic
01Paper board width2500mm
02Max. Board thickness100mm
03Min. board length600mm
04Paper board speed80~180m/min
05Knives piece number4

The honeycomb paperboard slitting machine can cut the honeycomb paperboard precisely and ensure the cut is neat and smooth. In addition, the honeycomb cardboard slitting machine also has the features of automatic operation and high efficiency, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

The honeycomb paperboard slitting machine’s working principle is to cut the honeycomb paperboard into the required size and shape through the rotation and movement of the cutting tool.

Honeycomb paperboard is widely used in the packaging industry, especially in electronic product packaging. It can effectively protect the product from external impact and extrusion.

Honeycomb paperboard vertical cutting machine is an efficient mechanical equipment for cutting honeycomb paperboard into required size and shape. It is an integral part of carton manufacturing, which can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

The honeycomb paperboard vertical cutting machine can quickly and accurately cut the honeycomb paperboard into the desired shape through the automated cutting process.

This honeycomb paperboard cutting machine can not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce cutting errors and improve product quality.

01Platform dimension2400*2400mm
02Board Max. Thickness200mm
03Max. Cutting length2400mm
04Min. Cutting width30mm
05SharpenAutomatic type
01Max. width1200 mm
02Max. thickness80 mm
03Max. width1600mm
04Feeding speed25m/min
05Power3 KW

The gluing machine applies glue to the pallets’ legs.

The Gluing machine working principle is very simple and efficient

First, place the legs of the honeycomb paper tray on the working table of the machine;

Then, it will automatically apply the adhesive on the contact surface of the honeycomb paper tray legs;

Next, the machine will press the honeycomb paper tray legs tightly together to make the adhesive fully bonded;

Finally, after a period of curing, the honeycomb paper tray legs will be firmly bonded together;

A pallet pressing machine is used to assemble and press the honeycomb pallet to make the leg and panel glue strong.

In the honeycomb pallets manufacturing process, assembly and gluing are key steps. In order to ensure the quality and strength of the pallets, a pallet press is required for pressing.

Pallet presses use advanced technology and mechanical force to press the various parts of the pallet together. This can ensure that the glue between the legs of the honeycomb pallet and the panels is firmly bonded, thereby increasing the stability and bearing capacity of the entire pallet.

By using a pallet pressing machine, the honeycomb pallets’ production efficiency, and quality can be effectively improved.

01Platform dimension1600*1600mm
02Press stroke0-500mm
03Maximum cylinder pressure1MT (adjustable)
04Conveyor speed2pcs/ min
06Power supply3 Ph 380 V AC/50Hz

Honeycomb Cardboard Laminating Production Line Features

  1. Dust-free, odorless, and in line with environmental protection requirements;
  2. No intermediate links, full PLC control, greatly reducing manual labor and truly realizing fully automatic production;
  3. The degree of automation is high, the process loss is very low, and the honeycomb paper core yield is high. It is a high-tech equipment;
  4. Simple operation, computer touch screen control, the first in China to realize continuous production from paper feeding to finished product;
  5. Full computer control, adopting the most advanced coating technology in the world, integrating machine, gas and photoelectricity, with reliable quality;
  6. There is a major technological breakthrough in the design, which is more reasonable. Only 3 operators are needed, and the labor cost is greatly reduced;

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