Fully Automatic Textile Conical Paper Cone Making Machine For Yarn

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The fully automatic textile cone-making machine is used for manufacturing paper conical paper tubes from yarn, which can automatically complete the textile paper cone manufacturing process. It has a variety of automated functions including paper cutting, web winding, cone forming, and gluing. The automation of these functions makes the entire manufacturing process of cone direct injection more efficient, accurate, and reliable.

The textile industry has always been an important part of the global economy. Paper tubes are an integral part of the textile industry, i.e. looms used to manufacture textiles. However, the traditional paper cone manufacturing process has problems such as slow manual manufacturing speed and high cost. To solve these problems, the textile paper cone machine came into being.

The automatic textile paper cone-making machine adopts the latest technology and innovative design, which can make paper cones at higher speed and lower cost. The yarn paper cone-making machine has a high degree of automation, reducing manual intervention and improving production efficiency. Not only that, this machine also has a precise control system to ensure that the quality and size of each paper cone meet the requirements.

Conical Paper Cone-Making Machine Benefits

High Efficiency

Firstly, it improves conical paper cone production efficiency and can manufacture a large number of paper cones faster to meet market demand.

Save Cost

Second, it reduces manufacturing costs, and production efficiency is significantly improved due to less manual intervention and less scrap.

High Quality

Finally, it improves the quality and consistency of the conical paper cones, ensuring the high quality of textile production.

Textile Paper Cone Manufacturing Process

Automated process: paper roller → internal and external printing → edge grinding → shearing → tube rolling → drying → finishing → V-shaped cutting → grinding → crimping → reverse head → roughening → finished product finishing

  • First, the paper is put into the paper cone-making machine, and after a series of processing steps, such as printing, cutting, pressing, molding, etc., the initial shape of the paper cone is finally formed.
  • The paper cones are then dried to remove moisture and increase their strength;
  • It is necessary to brush the paper tube after drying and to roughen the surface of the paper tube to make it smoother and smoother, and to improve the quality and appearance of the pagoda paper tube;

Here is the automatic textile paper cone-making machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Yarn Paper Cone Making Machine Working Flow

The yarn paper cone-making machine is used to simultaneously manufacture tapered yarn tubes of various specifications.

After being loaded on the roll paper, the semi-finished products with the same caliber and height are made into semi-finished products with the same caliber and size through internal and external printing, edge grinding, cutting, coiling, and cutting.

The yarn paper cone-making machine adopts steples speed variable frequency control, and the coiling speed can be adjusted freely. Used in connection with the drying box, it simplifies the complex tube making and achieves twice the result with half the effort.

01Total power12.63KW
02Speed pcs/min45-60
03Voltage380V 50HZ/ 60HZ
04Dimensions mm6200X 2200X 1400
05Production Specifications3°4°5°9° Various tubes
01Driver1.7 kW
02Big frameNo. 8 channel steel
03Main Frame160X80 rectangular tube
04Electric heating power31.6kw fan power 3kw

ZSZ-2018 automatic temperature control drying oven. This machine adopts hinge circulation to transfer heat and cycle drying. Temperature setting group automatic temperature control, constant temperature maintenance, free adjustment of speed.

Paper Cone Drying Oven Features

It has a remarkable effect of low energy consumption and high output.

Automatically send and receive tubes after connecting with other devices.

Automatic Paper cone napping machines can effectively solve the problem of uneven and rough surfaces in the paper tube manufacturing process through professional napping technology. It uses a high-speed rotating brush or grinding disc to brush the surface of the paper tube to remove burrs and unevenness on the surface and make the surface of the paper tube smoother. At the same time, the napping machine can also increase the density and strength of the paper tube, increasing its durability and compression resistance.

Automatic Paper Cone Napping Machine Features

  • Increase the competitiveness and market value of paper tubes;
  • Remove burrs and unevenness on the surface of the paper tube;
01Total power9.4 kW
02Speed30- 60 pcs/min
03Dimensions mm2500X 1500X 1 400
04Frame material60X80 rectangular tube
05Platform materials22mm steel plate

Automatic Paper Cone-Making Machine Features

This paper cone making machine has automatic equipment for bobbin production that requires no manual operation from hanging paper to producing finished products;

The production process is automatically controlled by PCL programming, and the host transmission adopts a cam distribution time mechanism;

The execution principle of each station adopts high and low dual-speed frequency conversion control technology, and widely uses photoelectric control, proximity control, pneumatic delay control, etc. without mechanical wear, which is a complete embodiment of mechatronics;

It realizes low labor, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and high-quality yarn tube production. Suitable for producing conical yarn tubes of various specifications;

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