Fully Automatic Kraft Paper Tube Making Production Machine


The fully automatic kraft paper tube production machine adopts advanced technology and innovative design, which can realize the fully automatic production process from raw materials to finished kraft paper tubes.

The fully automatic kraft paper tube production machine working principle is based on an advanced computer control system and mechanical device. It can automate paper cutting, curling, gluing, and forming processes.

The kraft paper tube-making machine has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, and stability, and can quickly and accurately complete kraft paper tube-making.

By using this fully automatic kraft paper tube production machine, producers can greatly increase production capacity, reduce labor costs, and ensure product consistency and quality.

Paper Tube Production Machine Features

Fully Automatic

It can automate the entire production process, from kraft paper coiling, cutting, gluing to finished tube making, without manual intervention.

High Precise

Fully automatic kraft paper tube making production machines have a high degree of automation and precise control systems.

Easy Adjust

The automatic kraft paper tube manufacturing production machine also has the function of quick mold change and adjustment.

Paper Tube Production Machine Working Flow

The paper tube manufacturing process mainly include:jambo paper roll slitting→paper tube making→paper tube cutting→paper tube labeling→paper tube curling→paper tube sealing ect

Raw material preparation: Before the fully automatic production line starts running, the kraft paper roll must first be placed in the feeding device. The machine feeds the paper roll into the production line through an automatic feeding system;

Gluing process: During the conveying process, the machine will apply glue to the paper roll. This step ensures good bonding quality of the paper tube in the subsequent forming process;

Forming process: The glued paper tape is conveyed to the forming equipment and curled into a tube through a specific mold. This process requires a high-precision control system to ensure that the size and specifications of the formed paper tube meet the standards;

Cutting and inspection: The formed paper tube is cut into the required length by the cutting equipment. After cutting, the system automatically performs quality inspection to screen out unqualified products;

Packaging and shipment: The inspected paper tubes are automatically packaged and then sent to the warehouse through the conveying system for shipment;

Here is the automatic kraft paper tube making machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

The automatic high-speed large roll paper tube slitting machine is an efficient and reliable paper tube slitting equipment. It adopts advanced automation technology, which can quickly and accurately cut large roll paper tubes into small roll paper tubes of the required length it is widely used in the paper product processing industry.

  • Firstly, the fully automated operation makes the production process more efficient;
  • Secondly, the high-speed operation capability makes the production efficiency higher;
  • In addition, the equipment also has high-precision cutting capabilities, which can ensure that the length of the paper tube after cutting is accurate and correct, and improve product quality;
01Jumbo roll width25-1600mm
02Un-winding diameter1500mm
03Re-winding diameter1300 mm
04Slitting speed0-300m/min
05Slitting range20-900g
01Tube paper layer3-16 Layers
02Tube diameter20-200mm(Contains a mold shaft)
03Tube wall-thickness1-10 mm
04Core mould fixed wayFlank chuck
05Winding head4
06Cutting wayRound knife

A kraft spiral paper tube-making machine is a kind of machine equipment used to make paper tubes. Its main function is to roll the paper into a cylinder and hold it together with an adhesive to form a strong spiral paper tube. Kraft paper tube machines are usually used in the paper product industry, such as carton manufacturing, paper tube packaging, and other fields.

Paper tube-making machine working principle: the paper is fed into the machine’s infeed system, and then goes through a series of process steps, including cutting, crimping and gluing, etc., and finally forms a kraft spiral paper tube.

The paper tube machine usually has an automatic control system, which can adjust the size and thickness of the paper according to the need to produce paper tubes of different specifications.

The kraft paper tube fine-cutting machine adopts advanced cutting technology, which can quickly and accurately cut the paper tube to the required length. It has the characteristics of high speed and high precision and can complete a large number of cutting tasks in a short time. At the same time, the paper tube fine-cutting machine also has the advantage of strong reliability, which can run stably and ensure cutting quality.

The kraft paper tube fine-cutting machine is easy to operate, you only need to put the paper tube into the machine and set the required cutting length, and the machine will automatically complete the rest of the work. It also has an automated control system that monitors and adjusts the cutting process to ensure cutting accuracy and consistency.

01Tube length10-1500 mm
02Tube diameter25-200 mm
03Tube wall-thickness1-20 mm
04Knife quantity1
05Cutting wayTube rotate only
06Mainframe size2800*750*1300 mm
01Paper Can Dia28-200 mm
02Label width50-500 mm
03Heating Power3kw
04Air Pressure0.6~0.8 KAP
05Labeling speed40 cans/min

Paper tube labeling machine is a professional equipment for labeling paper tubes. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, precision, and reliability, improves the production efficiency of enterprises, ensures the accuracy of labeling results, provides long-term investment value for enterprises, and is widely used in various industries.

Kraft Paper tube labeling machine advantages

  • It can quickly complete a large number of labeling tasks, greatly improving production efficiency;
  • Through advanced technology and sophisticated control system, the labeling results are more accurate and consistent;
  • Using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, it has good durability and stability;

A paper tube crimping machine is a kind of equipment used to process the edge of a paper tube. Its function is to curl the edge of the kraft paper tube to make it more firm and beautiful. The paper tube curling machine is featured in high efficiency, stability, and precision.

The kraft paper tube crimping machine’s working principle is to curl the edge of the paper tube through a mechanical device.

It usually consists of a roller and a blade;

When the paper tube passes through the roller, the roller will bend the edge of the paper tube and curl it into the desired shape;

The blade is used to trim the edge of the paper tube to make it more smooth and neat;

01Tube diameter20-150mm
02Tube wall-thickness0.6-3 mm
03Tube length50-500 mm
04Working air pressure0.6 MPA
05Main motor1.1 KW
06Product speed10-40 / min
01Tube diameter20-400 mm
02Tube wall-thickness1-5 mm
03Tube length50-500 mm
04Working air pressure0.2~0.6 MPA
05Main motor2.2 KW
06Work speed10-20/min as per worker

A kraft paper tube sealing lidding machine is a device used to seal the top or bottom of a paper tube. It plays an important role in the paper tube manufacturing and packaging industry. The main function of this machine is to ensure that the top or bottom of the paper tube is tightly closed to protect the product inside from the external environment.

The paper tube capping machine operation is simple, just place the paper tube on the workbench of the equipment and press the start button.

The machine will automatically complete the positioning, sealing, and cutting of the paper tube without manual intervention.

This not only reduces the labor intensity of the operator but also improves work efficiency.

Fully automatic kraft paper tube production machine advantages:

High efficiency: Compared with traditional semi-automatic production equipment, fully automatic production lines can complete more production tasks in a shorter time, and productivity is significantly improved.

Saving manpower: Fully automated operation greatly reduces dependence on labor, reduces labor costs, and also reduces product defective rates that may be caused by manual errors.

High accuracy: The use of advanced control technology and automatic detection systems ensures product accuracy and consistency, further improving product quality.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Modern fully automatic production lines fully consider environmental factors when designing. They usually use low-energy motors and energy-saving production modes, which meet the requirements of sustainable development.

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