Automatic Textile DTY Paper Tube Making Production Line Machine


DTY paper tube making machine is an efficient production equipment for making paper tubes, widely used in textile, packaging, and other industries. This DTY paper tube production line adopts advanced technology and an automatic control system, which can realize high-speed, precise, and stable production.
The DTY paper tube production line is mainly composed of paper tube forming machines, paper tube cutting machines, and paper tube crimping machines.

The textile paper tube-making machine completes the preliminary manufacture of the paper tube by winding the paper tape into the form of a paper tube. The paper tube cutting machine is responsible for cutting the paper tube according to the specified length to meet different needs. The paper tube collection system collects and arranges the cut paper tubes to facilitate subsequent packaging and transportation.

DTY Paper Tube Production Machine Benefits

High Efficiency

Firstly, it can realize high-speed DTY Paper tube /core production and greatly improve DTY /POY paper tube production efficiency;

Save Cost

Second, the DTY paper tube production line is simple to operate, easy to maintain and manage, saving manpower and time costs;

High Quality

Finally, it adopts an automatic control system, it can precisely control the size and quality of the paper tube to ensure the paper tube consistency and stability ;

Paper Tube Manufacturing Process

  • The first step is using a rewinding and slitting machine to slit the jumbo roll into a narrow roll.
  • Using a paper tube machine to make a narrow roll into a paper tube.
  • The paper tube cutting machine cut the long paper tube into short paper tubes ( the length that you want), then it is conveyed to the elbow machine through the conveyor belt, and the paper tube is automatically elbowed
  • If you do not want to pass the conveyor belt, you can also manually put the paper tube on the bending machine for bending.

Here is the DTY paper tube production line youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

DTY Paper Tube Making Machine Working Flow

paper slitting machine

The semi-automatic double-shaft slitting machine is an efficient mechanical equipment, which is widely used in the cutting process of paper, plastic film, and other materials. It has a dual-axis design that can simultaneously perform two cutting operations of different sizes, increasing production efficiency. The equipment adopts a semi-automatic operation mode, which is easy to operate and reduces labor costs.

  • Wide range of applications;
  • Highly adjustable cutting speed;
  • Strong and durable structure, long service life;
  • It can be used for cutting paper, plastic film, and other materials, suitable for printing, packaging, pharmaceutical, and other industries;
01Jumbo roll width1600mm
02Un-winding diameter1200mm
03Re-winding diameter750 mm
04Slitting speed0-150m/min
05Slitting range80-600g
06Slitting width>30mm
01Tube paper layer2-7 Layers
02Tube diameter15-76 mm
03Tube wall-thickness1-5 mm
05Winding head2
06Tube length be cut0.5~8 meter

The two-head paper tube machine is designed for DTY paper tubes making , which is characterized by two heads. The DTY paper tube making machine is designed to increase production efficiency and reduce time and labor costs in the DTY paper tube manufacturing process.

The DTY paper tube making machine is usually controlled by a central control system, which can adjust the working speed of the machine and the size of the DTY paper tube according to the needs. The DTY paper tube making machine operation is relatively simple, just feed the pulp or paper into the feeding port of the machine, and then the paper tube making machine will automatically wind it into a paper tube.

paper tube making machine
paper tube cutting machine

The automatic paper tube cutting machine combination is an efficient and intelligent equipment for the precise cutting and shaping of paper tubes. It consists of multiple components, including a cutting machine, conveyor. The DTY paper tube cutting machine combination can automatically complete the DTY paper tube fine cutting, which greatly improves production efficiency and product quality.

Automatic Paper Tube Cutting Machine Features

  • Precise cutting;
  • Fast Forming;
  • A high degree of automation;
  • Improve paper tube processing efficiency;
01Paper tube Diameter30-70 mm
02Paper tube thickness1-5 mm
03Length of cut tube90-1350mm
04Cutter number8 groups
05Working air pressure0.6Mpa
06Elbow speed42pcs/min
01Tube diameter30-80mm
02Tube wall-thickness2-5 mm
03Tube length130-300 mm
04Working air pressure0.6 MPA
05Control modeAutomatic
06Product speed0-52pcs / min

A DTY paper tube curling machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for bending DTY paper tubes. Its main function is to bend paper tubes with larger diameters into desired shapes. Paper tube bending machines play an important role in the paper product industry, especially in the DTY paper tube manufacturing and packaging industries.

DTY Paper Tube Curling Machine Features

  • Precise curling capability;
  • With good stability and durability.
  • Supports various shapes such as circles, ovals, and squares;
  • The diameter and wall thickness of the paper tube can be adjusted;

Here is the DTY paper tube cutting finishing machine youtube video working process for your reference!!

DTY Paper Tube Making Machine Advantages

It can produce tubes of varying diameters, lengths, and thicknesses, catering to a broad spectrum of applications. From textile yarn carriers to industrial packaging, the machine adapts to different production needs seamlessly.

The DTY paper tube making machine is designed to minimize waste by optimizing material usage and incorporating recycling features. Paper remnants are efficiently collected and processed, reducing the environmental footprint.

One of the standout features of the DTY paper tube making production line machine is its high-speed production capability. Capable of producing up to several thousand paper tubes per hour, this machine significantly outpaces traditional methods. Consequently, businesses can meet large orders swiftly and efficiently.

The fully automatic DTY paper tube making production line machine represents the pinnacle of modern manufacturing technology. Its advanced features, including high-speed production, precision engineering, and user-friendly design, make it a standout choice for businesses seeking efficiency and quality. Moreover, its environmental benefits and economic advantages underscore its value as a long-term investment.If you also interested in this DTY paper tube making machine, welcome to contact us freely online!!

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