Automatic Paper Tube Grinding Machine With Slotting



The automatic paper tube bending machine is used for the end bending and chamfering grinding of paper tubes, such as DTY, POY and other chemical fiber paper tubes for post-processing and finishing, the end grinding of BOPP film paper tubes and the bending of packaging paper cans Head, flaring processing. This machine adopts advanced automation technology, which can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.

Paper Tube Bending Machine Features

1. Adopt PLC control and man-machine interface operation;

2. High-speed processing, the fastest can reach more than 45 pieces per minute, which is twice that of general pneumatic feeding;

3. The main shaft adopts frequency conversion speed regulation (limited to CI models). Multifunctional, integrating internal oiling, grinding head and elbow;

4. The main shaft adopts cam feed, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. The electronic partition plate is used to feed the material, and the automatic inlet and outlet tube is simple and practical;

Automatic Paper Core Bending Machine Working Principle

First, the paper tube is placed on the machine table. The machine then applies pressure to bend the tube. This pressure can be generated by hydraulic systems or mechanical means. The machine bends the paper tube according to preset angles and curves.

At the same time, the paper tube bending machine also uses heat to process the paper tube. The heat makes the tube more flexible and bendable. Typically, the machine provides heat via heating elements and applies it to specific areas of the paper tube. This way, the paper tube is able to bend more easily while applying force.

The working principle of the paper tube bending machine is simple and efficient. It can complete the bending process of a large number of paper tubes in a short time and improve production efficiency. In addition, since the machine can adjust angles and curves according to needs, it can also meet the processing needs of different shapes of paper tubes.

Paper Tube Bending Machine Advantages

First of all, it can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the time and labor cost of manual operation;

Second, it is capable of producing high-quality paper tubes that are strong and durable and able to meet various packaging and shipping needs;

In addition, the paper tube bending machine can also reduce paper waste, improve resource utilization, and meet environmental protection requirements;


The paper tube bending machine is an efficient, precise and reliable equipment, which is of great significance to the paper tube manufacturing industry. It can not only improve production efficiency and product quality, but also reduce costs and waste of resources. With the continuous advancement of technology, the paper tube bending machine will play a greater role in the future development and push the paper tube manufacturing industry to a higher level.


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