Honeycomb Paperboard Slitting Machine



Honeycomb paperboard slitting machine is a kind of equipment used to cut honeycomb paperboard into required size. Honeycomb paperboard is a lightweight material made of laminated honeycomb paperboards, often used in packaging, insulation and protection.

The honeycomb paperboard slitting machine working principle is to apply pressure on the honeycomb paperboard through the cutting knife to cut it into the required width. Cutting knives typically consist of sharp blades that allow for efficient cutting.

Mainly used for soft or hard packaging materials such as pearl cotton, sponge, shoe material, EVA, coconut fiber, bubble film, leather, foam, honeycomb paper EVA, pearl cotton, shoe leather, honeycomb corrugated cardboard, etc. cut into chunks.

Honeycomb paperboard slitting machine main parts:

Feeding device: used to feed the honeycomb paperboard into the cutting area.
Cutting system: including cutting knives and cutting mechanism, used to cut honeycomb paperboard into required size.
Control system: used to control parameters such as feed speed, cutting position and cutting pressure.
Discharging device: send out the cut honeycomb paperboard.

Working process

Unloading→feeding→die cutting→discharging. .


1. Simple operation and fast cutting speed;
2. The push baffle adopts ball linear bearing guide rail;
3. Multi-knife belt fixing device to ensure more accurate cutting size;
4. The frame design is thick and stable, which can effectively reduce trembling;
5. The whole machine has circuit breaker, phase loss and overload protection functions;
6. The rail of the workbench adopts high-precision linear guide rail, which makes the cutting more accurate, easy to push, easy to work and high in efficiency;


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