Automatic Paper Tube Labeling Machine



The automatic paper tube labeling machine adopts advanced technology and an automatic control system, which can quickly and accurately attach labels to paper tubes. The paper tube labeling machine is an efficient and precise mechanical equipment, which is widely used in the labeling work of chemicals, pesticides, food, paper cans, and other industries.

paper tube labeling machine

Paper Tube Bending Machine Details

Good labeling quality
Good labeling quality, high label overlap, no wrinkles, no bubbles;

Color touch screen
Color touch screen operation, easy to operate, with powerful data memory function;

Stable performance
Stable performance, the whole machine is equipped with an electric/pneumatic integrated control system, which supports long-term work;

Powerful functions, can stick single label, double label, labeling function can be switched, labeling spacing can be adjusted;

National standard steel
All steel materials adopt national standard models, quenched main shaft gears, thickened main frame, and high-precision accessories, and strive for excellence;

Paper Core Labeling Machine Parameter

Model YZH-TB500
Tube length 30-500mm
Tube diameter 15-200mm
Label accuracy ±0.5mm
Working air pressure 0.6MPA
Power 3.6kw
Labeling speed 10-40pcs/min
Label thickness 100-157g
Dimension 1000*1300*1400MM
Gross Weight 290kg

Automatic Paper Tube Labeling Machine Features

1. Applicable to a variety of paper tubes, changing the label size or paper tube does not need to replace any parts, it only takes a few minutes to adjust to work;

2. The machine has a built-in automatic temperature control heater. And it is equipped with the protection that the glue does not melt and the motor does not start

3. The machine is a hot-melt adhesive labeling machine, which has a good labeling effect and does not stick to water or in humid and high-temperature environments.
Unglue, not fall off;

4. The operator only needs to put the labels into the label warehouse in batches, and the photoelectric automatic detection, label taking, gluing, and labeling is automatically completed by the machine within one second;

paper core bending machine

Paper Tube Labeling Machine Advantages

First of all, it can greatly improve work efficiency. Compared with the traditional manual labeling method, the automatic paper tube labeling machine can complete the labeling work at a faster speed, saving a lot of time and human resources.

Secondly, its labeling accuracy is very high. The automatic control system can accurately position and attach labels to ensure that each paper tube can get accurate labeling results.

In addition, the automatic paper tube labeling machine also has good stability and reliability and can run stably for a long time without failure.

Finally, the application range of the automatic paper tube labeling machine is very wide. It can be used for product labeling in various industries such as food, medicine, cosmetics, and daily necessities.

The automatic paper tube labeling machine is an efficient and precise mechanical device with many advantages and a wide range of applications. It plays an important role in the labeling work in various industries, providing convenience and benefits for enterprises. With the continuous advancement of technology, the automatic paper tube labeling machine will become more and more popular, and its performance and functions will be continuously improved in future development.


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