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Paper Tube Making Process

As the name suggests paper tubes are tubes made of paper. Because of their advantages such as low cost, lightweight, easy to recycle, and pollution-free, they are now widely used in textiles, chemical fibers, printing and dyeing, papermaking, agricultural film, fireworks, and food packaging, and other industries.

Paper Tube-Making Process

  1. Data paper cutting
    The sand tube paper with uniform thickness, low moisture content, and smooth surface is determined as the main paper, and the impregnated paper is selected as the surface paper; according to the specifications and sizes required for the manufacture of high-end paper tubes in Dongguan, the large roll of sand tube paper and the large roll of surface paper are selected. Put it in the slitting machine to develop the slitting, and get the paper tape of the required size;
  2. Coiled tube
    The glued paper tape is wound into a tube on an active coiling machine;
  3. Rough cutting
    Put the Dongguan high-end paper tube on the resin-coated paper tube and pass it through the air dryer at a constant speed, and then roughly cut it into a certain length of paper tube section;
  4. Fine cutting
    Roughly cut the extruded paper tube according to the required specification and size, chamfer the end face of the paper tube after cutting, coat and pack, and complete the production of the high-grade paper tube with a seamless surface ;

Here is the paper tube-making process youtube video in our factory for your reference!!

  1. Paper tube drying
    Put the roughly cut paper tube section into the drying room to dry until the water content of the paper tube is lower than 10%;
  2. Tape glue
    Put several layers of main paper tapes and surface paper tapes treated by beveling in order from top to bottom layer by layer dislocation and stacking rules, and put them in parallel on the paper tape gluing machine. Uniformly apply a layer of special glue to the paper tube;
  3. Extrusion
    After cooling the dried paper tube sections to room temperature, put them one by one into the preheated to 150-280°C temperature
    The internal extrusion molding is developed in the forming mold so that the resin coated on the outer surface of the paper tube can be fully cured; the molding temperature of the mold is 150-280°C
  4. Groove detail processing
    Put the surface paper tape into the beveling machine to process the groove details on both sides of the paper tape.

The above is an introduction to some steps of the specific process of the paper tube production process for everyone. I hope it will be helpful for your further understanding.

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paper tube making machine price

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