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How Does A Paper Tube Making Machine Work

In the design process, the paper tube machine adopts a CNC computer numerical control system and SMS synchronous moving chasing and cutting device, and it is also equipped with an imported servo drive. Significantly reduce the resistance of the cutter to the paper tube, so that the gap between the produced paper tubes is uniform.

paper core machine

Paper Tube Machine Working Principle

In the relay control circuit of the paper tube machine, when the power is turned on, all the relays in the circuit are in a restricted state, that is, the relays that should be pulled in are all pulled in at the same time, and the relays that should not be pulled in are restricted by certain conditions. Pulling in, this working method is called the parallel working method. The PLC user program is executed in a certain order, so each soft relay is in the periodical cycle scanning connection, and the action sequence of each relay subject to the same condition is determined by the program scanning sequence. This working method is called the serial Way of working.

Here is the paper tube-making machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper tube-making machine Operating points

Before the operation, check the paper tube machinery and equipment, run it empty, and then put it into operation after confirming that it is normal.

It is strictly forbidden to run the equipment with faults, and it cannot be used in improvise to avoid accidents.

When the paper tube machinery and equipment are in operation, it is strictly forbidden to adjust by hand; it is also not allowed to measure parts by hand or to lubricate, clean up sundries, etc. If necessary, the mechanical equipment should be shut down first.

The knives, fixtures, and processed parts used in the paper tube machinery and equipment must be firmly installed and not loosened.
The mechanical safety device must be used correctly according to the regulations, and it must not be removed and not used.

When the paper tube machinery and equipment are in operation, the operator must not leave the job, so as to avoid no one to deal with the problem.

After the work is over, the switch should be turned off, the tool and workpiece should be withdrawn from the working position, and the work site should be cleaned up, the parts, fixtures, etc. should be placed neatly, and the paper tube machinery and equipment should be cleaned.

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paper core machine

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