Automatic Round Fiber Drum Body Making Machine



Automatic round fiber drum making machine is used to produce round fiber barrels. It can automatically complete the processes of cutting, forming, gluing and fixing fiberboard. It is also suitable for the production of square fiber paper tubes by changing the mold.It greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality of fiber paper barrels, and reduces labor costs.

fiber drum machine

Paper Barrel Making Machine Advantages

First, it uses advanced sensors and control systems to achieve precise position control and motion control to ensure that the size and quality of the paper tube meet the requirements.

Secondly, it has multi-functional performance, and can adjust and replace molds according to the production needs of paper tubes of different shapes, realizing one machine for multiple uses.

In addition, it also has efficient base paper utilization and environmental protection performance, and can adapt to base paper of different qualities, fiber paper and other base paper of low quality. And the finished products produced are easier to degrade and more environmentally friendly than plastic or other materials.


Fiber Drum Making Machine Parameter

Model JYD-820 JYD-1100
Maximum jumbo roll diameter 1300mm 1300mm
Maximum jumbo roll width 800mm 1080mm
Square tube width range 240-400mm 240-400mm
Round tube diameter 240-450mm 240-450mm
Paper weight 280-360gsm 280-360gsm
Gluing method Single layer Single layer
Square tube produce speed 150pcs/h 150pcs/h
Round tube produce speed 200pcs/h 200pcs/h
Power 10.5KW 12KW
Weight 2000kgs 3000kgs
Dimension 4200x2400x1500mm 4220x2420x1500mm

Here is the fiber drum making machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!


Paper Drum Body Making Machine Features

1. The paper shafts are all inflatable shafts, and the paper rack is automatically raised and lowered.

2. The structure of the whole machine is simple. The veneer device is integrated in the upper part of the machine.

3. The mold opens and closes automatically, and the barrel is automatically withdrawn. It is convenient to replace the mold.

4. The rubber roller is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, inverter-controlled, uniformly glued, and saves glue.

5. Adjust the specifications and change the mold conveniently. There is no need to adjust the clamping and other mechanical devices.

6.The cutter is manufactured in a modular manner, which is easy to replace and has low cost of use. Each cutter pad can cut more than 40,000 times.

fiber drum machine details

The automatic round fiber barrel making machine has a wide range of applications in industrial production. It can be used to produce various specifications and types of fiber barrels, such as paper tubes, packaging barrels, etc., and is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction and other fields. The round paper tube machine can not only achieve large-scale production, but also improve the quality of paper tubes and reduce costs, creating greater economic benefits for enterprises.If you also interested in this paper drum making machine, welcome to contact us freely online to get more details online!!


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