Automatic Toilet Paper Core Can Tube Making Machine



The toilet paper core tube-making machine is a kind of equipment specially used to produce toilet paper core cans, which plays a vital role in the manufacturing process of toilet paper core cans. The toilet paper core can tube-making machine adopts advanced technology and an automation system to efficiently produce high-quality toilet paper core cans. It has a variety of functions, including paper cutting, curling, gluing, forming, etc. Through these steps, the toilet paper core tube-making machine is able to convert raw paper into finished toilet paper cores tubes.

toilet paper core making machine

It is suitable for the production of medium and low-grade paper tubes and packaging paper barrels, and paper cans, such as toilet paper tubes and paper tubes. An automatic lubricating device is adopted to make the toilet paper barrel, the surface of the paper can is smooth and smooth, and the inner wall of the paper tube is clean and hygienic.

Toilet Paper Tube-Making Machine Advantages

Double drive design, fast coiling speed;
Double operation of button and screen touch;
Automatic acceleration and deceleration cutting;
The paper tube-making machine is easy to operate and the speed is stable;
Dual photoelectric positioning cutting, the paper tube cutting length is more accurate and the cutting is smooth;

Here is the toilet paper tube-making machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper Tube Making Machine Parameter

Technical parameter
Number of paper layers 2-12layers
Paper tube diameter 30-150(mm)
The thickness of the tube 1-8(mm)
 Speed 0-27(m/min)
Minimum pipe-cutting length 90mm
Main power 11KW
Input voltage 380V/220V
Number of operators 1-3
Total weight 3882kg

toilet paper tube

Toilet Paper Core-Making Machine Features

1. Ultra-low noise <65 decibels;

2. Automatic gluing or manual gluing;

3. Computer PLC control, with remote control port;

4. Automatic speed change and automatic recovery during cutting;

5. The circular knife actively cuts, the cut is more stable, and the performance is more stable;

6. Automatic cutting, automatic drop tube, paper break, and automatic stop function;

7. Multi-point operation panel or digital remote control function, the operation is very convenient;

8. Stainless steel rubber basin + poly resin rubber knife, high carbon steel rubber knife, durable;

9. Frequency conversion speed control can save 30-60% of electricity than ordinary electromagnetic speed control;

paper tube making machine

The use of toilet paper core can tube-making machines is of great significance to toilet paper core can production enterprises. It can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, while also ensuring product consistency and quality. This is very important for businesses as they need to meet the demands of the market and remain competitive. In conclusion, toilet paper core can tube-making machine plays an important role in the manufacturing process of toilet paper core cans.


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