paper angle protector machine

Paper Angle Protector Machine Market

As an environmentally friendly and pollution-free packaging product, paper corner protectors are favored by people due to their low cost, easy recycling, and good practicality. In recent years, paper corner protectors produced by paper corner protectors are more in line with green and environmentally friendly concepts, making paper product packaging the first choice of packaging materials.

paper angle protector machine

However, in the process of continuous development of paper packaging, people have also discovered the shortcomings of paper packaging, such as poor load-bearing capacity and easy deformation of carton packaging. Faced with these problems encountered in development, paper corner guards are gradually emerging in paper packaging, especially in honeycomb carton packaging and corrugated carton packaging. Throughout the development process, paper corner protectors manufacturers also began to change the previous shape of paper corner protectors, and wrap-around paper corner protectors, bent paper corner protectors, U-shaped paper corner protectors, etc. appeared.

paper angle protector applications

For a long time, the shape and purpose of paper corner protectors have not changed much. They are just straight strips and are used as edge protectors for cartons, etc. However, as the demand for paper corner protectors continues to increase, its scope of use is also constantly expanding. For example, it has developed from being used as an edge protector for cartons to being used as an edge protector for barrel-shaped objects such as steel coils. U-shaped corner protectors are another variant of paper corner protectors, and their usage is also increasing. Today, U-shaped corner guards are mainly used in the production of paper cardboard and paper pallets. Compared with V-shaped corner guards, U-shaped corner guards have great advantages. Paper corner protectors, paper cardboard, and paper pallets using U-shaped corner protectors can increase the load-bearing capacity of paper pallets, facilitate the processing and production of paper cardboard, and improve the efficiency of producing paper cardboard and paper pallets.

Here is the paper angle protector machine youtube video working process in our factory for yoru reference!!

Because the paper corner protectors can bundle products together to make the overall packaging more solid, fixing the goods on the paper pallet can protect the products and their edges, protect and support the products during transportation, and can be customized according to the different specifications of the customer. Therefore, the paper corner protectors produced by paper angle protectors machine are increasingly used in product packaging.

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paper angle protector machine

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