High Speed Brown Paper Edge Protector Machine For Packaging



The high-speed brown paper edge protector machine for packing is a paper corner protector that specializes in producing large-width and thicker paper flat sheets with 0-70m/min. The paperboard produced by this paper angle protector machine has fast speed, good hardness, high yield, neat cuts, etc. features.

paper angle protector

What Is Paper Angle Protector

Paper angle protectors, also called paper wrap corner protectors, are formed by laminating multiple pieces of kraft paper and then shaped and pressed by corner protectors. The two ends are smooth and flat, without obvious burrs, and perpendicular to each other. After storing the goods, the edge support of the package can be reinforced to protect the whole package.

paper angle protector applications

Paper Angle Protector Advantages

1. Fixing the goods on the pallet can protect the products and their edges;

2. Paper angle protector can protect and support the product during the handling process;

3. The paper angle protector can bundle the products together, making the overall package more firm and firm;

4. Paper angle protector machine can be customized according to the different specifications and requirements of customers;

Here is our customer who visited our factory for the paper angle protector machine for your reference!!

Cardboard Edge Protector Machine Parameter

Technical parameter
Paper Angle



Paper tube thickness Long50-9000mm
Bend length Thick2-8mm
Production speed 0-70m/min
paper layers 12layers
Forming roller 12groups
Double roller heating 4groups
way to control Frequency
Cut off method Automatic CNC cutting
Number of operators 1-2
total weight 6212kg

Paper Edge Protector Machine Features

Automatic alarm, fault prompt, more convenient maintenance;

It adopts full computer control, the whole machine is linked, and it is easy to operate;

Hydraulic cutting servo tracking system, fast cutting speed, accurate length, no burrs;

The mechanical shaftless paper holder is convenient for paper loading, and the height can be adjusted;

The multi-roller segmented pressing system ensures the hardness of the cardboard and will not cause delamination and degumming;

According to the needs of customers, the dual-purpose functions of paper corner protection and cardboard can be combined in one production line;

The single-sided gluing system applies glue evenly and uses less glue, which can save production costs and solve the problem of drying out the cardboard production line;

The notch and indentation device can be installed on the corner protection production line, which can notch the corner protection with a side width of 30~80mm. Commonly used are 90-degree notch, 90-degree buckle notch, and 5~90-degree surround notch).

Adjust the tool and clamp the work before cutting;

Here is the paper angle protector machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper Corner Protector Machine Operation Tips

The parking baffle should be fixed, and it can only work after the sequence of clamping, loosening, and forward and backward test runs;

When the paper corner protector machine tool is rotating, no part of the human body should touch the transmission parts;

When operating the paper corner protector machine, it is necessary to tie up the cuffs, and it is strictly forbidden to work with gloves;

Spindle speed change must be carried out after parking;

The gears should be fully meshed when shifting;

When the paper corner protector machine tool is found to be abnormal, stop and check immediately. When the long material tube is put into the material rack and the lead wire is loosened, measures should be taken to prevent the tube from rolling, impacting, and crushing people;

It is necessary to check that the dust removal device should be in good condition before cutting;

When using the grinding wheel pipe-cutting machine, check in advance whether the grinding wheel is damaged, cracked, or damp, and whether the power cord is reliable;

When changing the tool, measuring the workpiece, lubricating, and cleaning the pipe head, it must be stopped;

Except for the V-type/L type paper edge angle protector machine, we also manufacture U-shaped paper angle protectors and curved paper angle protector machines, if you need we can equip a punched hole function to your paper edge protector machine. If you are also interested in the paper corner protector machine, welcome to contact us freely online to get 100% free quotations!!


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