Argentine customers in our factory

Spiral Paper Tube Making Machine Factory Welcome Argentine Customers

Welcome Argentine customers come to our company to visit our paper processing equipment. The Argentine customers were engaged in the packaging business at that time. I learned through YouTube that we provide paper tube machines and other equipment. The customer said that he needed a complete set of paper tube processing equipment, including paper slitting and rewinding machines, paper tube machines, paper tube precision cutting machines, and paper corner protectors.

The Argentinian customer came to our factory accompanied by his engineer. Our business manager gave the customer a deeper understanding of our paper tube processing equipment through professional and patient explanations. We also provided customers with equipment operation demonstrations and PLC control panel operation instructions.
The customer recognized our factory scale and equipment quality very much, showed a very strong willingness to cooperate, and immediately paid us a cooperation intention fee.

Here is the spiral paper tube making machine youtube video in our factory fro your reference!!

The reasons why Argan customers choose to cooperate with us are as follows:

  1. We have previously cooperated with customers in Argentina, the customer’s country, and after contacting them, the customer gave good feedback on the operation of our paper tube cutting machine;
  2. We have a professional team of engineers who can provide customized solutions based on the local paper types and other specific functions of Argentine customers;
Argentine customers in our factory
  1. Our paper tube equipment is of excellent quality, the factory has a large production scale and the production cost is low. During the customer’s visit to the factory, the customer was deeply impressed by the quality of our machines and the quality of the finished products produced by the machines;

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Argentine customers in our factory

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