paper tube making machine delivery

Paper Tube Making Machinery To Colombia

Congratulations to the Colombian customer for successfully completing the shipment of the paper tube-making machinery!!

  1. The customer of the paper tube slitting machine asked for a wider width, saying that this would meet his need to expand production.
  2. The paper tube-making machine customer proposed to be able to produce paper tubes with 5 different inner diameters. The customer’s paper tube inner diameter requirements are 25.4mm, 40mm, 42mm, 45mm, and 50.8mm.
  3. Print the content required by his customers on the paper tube printer.

According to the customer’s needs, we recommended a 2500D large roll paper slitting machine to the customer. The customer thought the price was a bit expensive. Later, according to the customer’s needs, our factory customized a 2000D large roll paper slitting machine for the customer, which not only reduced the customer’s purchase cost is very low, but it can also meet the customer’s demand for large paper roll width. Here is the paper slitting machine YouTube video testing in our factory for your reference!!

Paper tube-making machine According to the inner diameter of the customer’s paper tube, we recommended a 150C paper tube machine to the customer. The customer requested that the factory change the language of the paper tube machine’s operating interface to Spanish and that he be given a factory trial operation after the machine was completed. According to the customer’s needs, we customized the Spanish operation interface for the customer and gave the customer a test run in the factory. The following is a factory test video of the 150C paper tube machine with the Spanish operation interface required by the customer for your reference:

Now the customer’s 3 pieces of paper tube-making machinery have been packaged in the factory and shipped to the customer’s country. When the customer’s paper tube making machine is put into operation later, we will continue to update more detailed information about this set of paper tube processing equipment! If you are also interested in paper tube processing equipment, please feel free to leave a message with us online to get more information about paper tube machines!!

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paper tube making machine delivery

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