Fully Automatic Kraft Spiral Paper Tube Making Machine



The automatic spiral paper tube-making machine can make cut kraft paper strips into spiral paper tubes by using the spiral tension of the paper tube machine head. The spiral paper tube is suitable for the production of various paper tubes and paper cans, such as packaging cans, tea cans, food cans, wine cans, fireworks tubes, calendar tubes, fax paper, plastic wrap, toilet paper cores, etc.

spiral paper tube making machine

Paper Tube Making Machine Parameter

Number of paper layers3-25layers
Paper tube diameter30-200(mm)
The thickness of the tube2-15(mm)
Main power22KW


Here is the automatic spiral paper tube-making machine working process in our factory for your reference!!

Kraft Paper Tube-Making Machine Advantages

Easy to operate and high work efficiency;
Automatic edge alignment, neat cutting;
The machine body is made of thickened steel plate, which is strong and durable;
High-power all-copper motor, the copper core motor has strong conductivity, saving time and effort for cutting;

paper rack

The paper feeding frame can hold the largest roll of paper up to 1.3 meters without manual labor, the hoist can automatically load the paper, and the angle adjustment of the whole machine is fully automatic.

The hanging paper holder of the paper holder, the humanized design;

The manual adjustability of the paper guide wheel is convenient and fast;

The upper paper rack can be completed by adjusting the angle electrically;

The paper frame shaft is a round steel shaft, it can make the paper run more smoothly;

The hoisting and loading of paper is an electric hoisting device, it makes paper loading faster;

The upper paper frame and the glue frame are combined movable lifting paper frame and glue frame;

The squeegee rod has a diameter of 16 optical axes and is not easily deformed;

The glue supply system is pneumatic and automatic glue supply by diaphragm pump;

The tray design of the glued part is more user-friendly and suitable for different grades of paper;

The rubber hose is a high-wear-resistant silicone tube, the rubber is clean, and the use time is long;

The glue supply of the glue rack adopts a large-flow diaphragm pump, and the paper will not have glue breakage or glue leakage;

The glue tank is made of stainless steel, which has corrosion resistance and greatly enhances the service life of the glue tank;

glue rack
bottom paper frame

The bottom paper frame of the paper tube machine is an important part of the paper tube machine, which plays a role in supporting the bottom of the paper tube. Paper tube machine bottom paper holders are usually made of strong metal materials to ensure their stability and durability.

The bottom paper holder is a structure in that the bottom paper is lubricated and glued at one time;

The automatic lubrication system of the backing paper saves labor, improves efficiency, and reduces waste;

The tension control of the backing paper controls the air pressure plate by adjusting the pressure of the pneumatic valve to control the tension of the backing paper so that the tension of the backing paper is balanced.

Spiral Paper Tube-Making Machine Features

All copper motor
All copper is made of strong power, strong and durable;
CNC operation screen
CNC operation, simple and easy to operate, clear display;
Made of high-hardness material, strong and wear-resistant;
Paper rack
25-layer design, carefully selected materials with high practicability;

paper core machine

Automatic Spiral Paper Tube Making Machine is an efficient, automated machine that offers versatility, reliability and durability. It plays an important role in the paper pipe manufacturing industry, providing customers with high quality products and services. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, this machine will be continuously developed and improved to meet the ever-changing market demands.


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