paper tube machine delivery

Paper Tube Making Machine To Mexico

Congratulations to our Mexican customer on the successful delivery of the paper tube-making machinery!!
The Mexican customer is in the shrink film business and learned through the Internet that we are a supplier of paper tube machines.

paper tube machine delivery

Mexico needs a paper tube machine and a tube cutting machine. Based on the customer’s requirements for the inner diameter of the paper tube, we recommended the JD 100B four-head paper tube machine and the JD400 shaftless CNC precision cutting machine to the customer.

Here is the shaftless paper tube cutting machine testing in our factory for your reference!!

Our shaftless precision cutting machine can meet the requirements of paper tubes with large inner diameter and thickness (thickness reaches 12mm, inner diameter is 350mm, ordinary ones cannot meet the requirements). It can also cut paper tubes with different inner diameters. It needs to be shaftless, and it is easy to change the mold. high speed.

Now the customer’s two pieces of equipment have been shipped. The customer has also received the equipment and is in the process of intense installation. In the future, we will continue to update you on the operation information of the Mexican customer’s two paper tube processing equipment after the installation!

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paper tube machine delivery

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