Semi Automatic Toilet Paper Cutting Machine



The Semi Automatic Toilet Paper Cutting Machine is an efficient and convenient device for cutting toilet paper rolls to desired lengths. This toilet paper roll cutting machine uses advanced technology to complete cutting tasks quickly and accurately, increasing production efficiency. It can be used in toilet paper production line to improve production efficiency and product quality.

toilet paper roll cutting machine

Semi Automatic Toilet Paper Cutting Machine Advantages

The servo system feeds the material accurately, and the vertical tolerance and length error of paper cutting are <=1mm;

The operation of the whole machine is controlled by the PLC computer program, and the man-machine interface is operated;

The cutting length is controlled by servo, the speed is adjusted by frequency conversion, and the incision is smooth and beautiful;

Here is the semi automatic toilet paper roll cutting machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Toilet Paper Cutting Machine Parameter

Toilet paper roll original length 1200-2800
Toilet paper roll dia 1100mm
Cutting speed Cutting times 60-100 times/min x 2 rolls/time
Installed power 10kw(380V 50HZ)
Mechanical Specifications 5.7*1.8*2(m)
Weight 3.5T

toilet paper roll cutting machine factory details

Tissue Paper Cutting Machine Features

1. Equipped with automatic feeding, the sharpening precision is high, and the sharpening is safe and secure.

2. Equipped with touch screen man-machine dialogue control, the screen displays production parameters and production failures.

3. Select high-quality products for photoelectric detection, servo transmission, pneumatic components and bearing tools.

4. Adopt programmable controller to automatically control production. Automatic reset push roll, cut. Cutting length and cutting cycle can be adjusted.


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