paper tube cutting machine

How To Cut Cardboard Tubes

The cardboard tube cutting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for cutting paper tubes. It uses a flat knife for cutting, so the incision after cutting is very smooth and flat without dust, and the length of cutting is also very accurate. The automatic paper tube cutting machine has been widely used in the industries of textile, papermaking, packaging, etc., and it is also ideal for many manufacturers. better in the industry).

paper tube cutting machine
paper tube cutting machine

Cardboard tube cutting machine Working principle

The main principle of the automatic cardboard tube cutting machine is to use pneumatic and electric power to run and then perform the cutting action, and the automatic paper cutting tube machine is designed with a beautiful and simple shape. Because of the careful design, it is perfect, such as the moderate height of the platform, which can facilitate employees to operate easily. And the power consumption required to drive the load is also relatively small.

Here is the paper tube cutting machine working process in our factory for your reference!!

How to cut cardboard tube:

First, the operator puts the paper tube to be cut into the feeding port of the machine. The cardboard tube-cutting machine then automatically positions the paper tube in place. Next, the operator sets the desired cut length and quantity.

Once the setting is completed, the cardboard tube-cutting machine will start working. It automatically activates the cutting knife to cut the paper tube quickly and accurately. The cutting knife usually consists of a high-speed rotating disc, which can easily cut the paper tube.

The cardboard tube-cutting machine is also equipped with some safety devices to ensure the safety of the operator. For example, it will usually have a shield to prevent the operator from accessing the cutting knife. In addition, it has an emergency stop button to immediately stop the operation of the machine in case of emergency.

The working speed of the cardboard tube cutting machine is usually very high, which can quickly complete a large number of cutting tasks. This makes it one of the indispensable equipment in the paper product industry. Its efficiency and precision allow carton manufacturers and printers to better meet customer needs.

After the cut is complete, check that the cut is clean and trim as necessary. If the cut is not smooth, it can be trimmed with a fully automatic grinding machine to make it smoother.

In conclusion, the cardboard tube cutting machine is an important mechanical equipment for cutting paper tubes quickly and accurately. Its working principle is simple and effective, and the cutting task is completed by the high-speed rotating cutting knife. The use of paper tube cutters makes the paper products industry more efficient and reliable.

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paper tube cutting machine

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