paper tube labeling machine packages

Paper Can Curling Crimping Machine Cases In Iran

Our customers are from Iran. They visited our factory last year and have a certain understanding of our company’s strengths. And showed strong interest in our paper machine production line, paper tube machine, tube cutting machine, and slotting machine.

In May last year, customers visited our factory and witnessed with their own eyes our advanced paper machine production line. Subsequently, customers repeatedly inquired about paper tube machines, pipe-cutting machines, and slotting machines. Although they never made the final purchase, they have always paid close attention to our products.

Recently, the customer contacted us again. As the new year is approaching, the customer needs to purchase some equipment (curling crimping machine) in advance for next year’s production. In the face of urgent customer needs, we ensured the timely production of crimping machines and capping machines. In terms of delivery date, we ensure that it can be shipped before the year.

However, business progress has not been smooth sailing. The customer requested a 15% price reduction, but after full communication and diligent negotiation, we finally reached an agreement and agreed to a 5% price reduction. This also reflects our respect for our customers and also serves to better meet their needs.

Thanks to the customer’s understanding and cooperation, the paper tube curling crimping machine was successfully manufactured in a short time and successfully delivered to the customer. The success of this cooperation is inseparable from the trust and support of our customers and the collaborative efforts of our team.

In the days to come, we will continue to adhere to the principle of “integrity management, quality first” to provide customers with more high-quality and efficient products. Looking forward to the future, we will work together with more customers to create a better tomorrow!

Thank you for your continued support, and you are welcome to continue to follow our blog to learn more about the latest information about our products and services. I hope our cooperation will be more pleasant, thank you!

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paper tube labeling machine packages

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