Baby Wet Wipes Making Manufacturing Machine For Sale



The baby wipes making machine is specially used to produce portable single-piece packaged baby wipes. This baby wet wipes manufacturing machine can quickly and efficiently produce high-quality baby wipes products. The wet wipes making machine usually includes multiple functional modules such as wetting, cutting, and packaging, which can realize a fully automated production process.

wet wipes making machine

The wet wipes manufacturing machine has a simple structure, with everything from production to packaging done on one machine. It occupies a small area, has a low price, high cost performance, and is widely used.

Baby Wet Wipes Making Machine Features

1. Four-side sealed single-piece wet wipes
Make the product safer, more hygienic, and convenient to carry;

2. Customized language
The language in the touch screen can be customized according to requirements;

3. Using brand metering pumps
A variety of liquids can be packaged, and the mixed package filling volume is accurate to 0.01ml;

4. Adjustable mold design
Achieve one machine to produce a variety of different packaging sizes and specifications of wet wipes;

Wet Wipes Making Machine parameter

Single-piece four-side sealing wet wipes machine
Model JYD-250 JYD-350
Capacity 80-120 bags/min
Sealing way Four side seal
Packaging methods (L)40-125MM (W)40-100MM (L)40-175MM (W)40-100MM
Wet wipes material 30-80G/m2 dust-free paper, wet-strength paper, thornless non-woven fabric, etc.
Machine weight 1100kg 1200kg
Machine size 4200x2600x1800mm(L*W*H) 4200X2600X1800MM(L*W*H)
wet wipes making machine details

With the improvement of living standards and people’s attention to health and hygiene, the demand for baby wipes continues to increase. And our baby wipes are single pieces sealed on four sides. Baby wipes are not only safer and more hygienic, but also easy to carry. They are very suitable for taking your baby out for a walk or traveling. The future market prospects are broad. This baby wipes manufacturing machine has a low investment cost and fast returns. It is an entry-level equipment for those who want to engage in the wet wipes business. If you want to know more about the baby wipes manufacturing machine, please feel free to leave us a message online at any time!!


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