Fiberboard Square Paper Drum Barrel Making Machine For Packaging



Fiberboard square paper barrel drum making machine can produce fiberboard barrels/drum for packaging. The barrel body is made of eight layers of kraft paper glued by polyvinyl alcohol solution, and the barrel cover and barrel bottom are made of five layers of plywood glued by machine. The square drum barrel usually used in the packaging industry and manufacturing industry. Square paper barrels are more beneficial to shipping containers, warehouse management, and storage shelves for multiple loading and transportation, reducing costs. Therefore, square paper barrel machines play an important role in modern industrial production and provide necessary packaging materials and containers for various industries.

square paper durm machine

Square Paper Barrel Machine Parameter

Model 550*1100
Jumbo Roll Size 1080*1300
Max paper barrel height 1080
Square barrel side width range 240-400mm
Paper weight 280-360gsm
Gluing method Single-sided gluing
Power 12KW
Weight ~3000kg
Size 4220X2420x1500

Square paper barrel machines are mainly composed of several key components, including paper barrel forming part, glue coating system, paper roll unwinding system, cutting system, leveling system and counting packaging system. These components work together and are operated through an automated control system to achieve intelligent control of the entire production process. The square paper barrel machine can be adjusted according to paper barrels of different specifications and requirements, and has extremely high production accuracy and stability.

Here is the square paper barrel drum tube making machine youtube video testing in our factory for your reference!!

Square Paper Drum Machine Features

1. Adjust the specifications and change the mold conveniently, without adjusting the clamping and other mechanical devices.

2. The mold opens and closes automatically, and the barrel is automatically withdrawn. It is convenient to change the mold. A manual forklift is enough, and there is no need to change the air pipe.

3. The cutter is manufactured in a modular way, which is easy to replace and has low cost of use. Each cutter pad can cut more than 40,000 times.

4. The paper shafts are all inflatable shafts, the paper racks are automatically lifted, the integral barrel roll machine is mechanically lifted, and the split barrel roll machine is pneumatically lifted.

5. The rubber roller is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, inverter-controlled, uniformly glued, and saves glue. The double-layer stainless steel glue tank can be lifted and lowered with a heating device, and the glue tank can be pulled out and cleaned independently.

6. The whole machine has a simple structure, and the veneer device is integrated in the upper part of the machine. The veneer paper edge can be adjusted through the slide rail. When veneer is not needed, the veneer device can be pushed away to facilitate the cleaning of the machine; the barrel roll mold and the operating table are spacious, without blocking the workers, manual and automatic modes, easy to operate, and low requirements for employee experience.

square paper drum machine

In recent years, paper barrels/drum  have also been increasingly used in markets such as welding wire, wire, food, and asphalt. Especially in the application of special chemicals, food, and asphalt markets, because the inner wall of the paper barrel needs to have a layer of special material inner coating, our square paper tube machine is in the leading position in the industry in technology and can meet this demand of customers. The paper barrel / drum produced by our square paper tube machine are strong, durable, and beautiful, and are favored by more and more companies and manufacturers. If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to leave us a message online for more detailed information!!


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