paper tube core machine

Paper Tube Core Machine To Panama

Congratulations to the Panamanian customer on the successful delivery of the paper tube processing equipment. The customer is from Panama and is engaged in the local paper tube sales business.

paper tube core machine

Through communication with the customer, he originally had paper tube processing equipment, but because the electronic control system and other parts of the previous equipment could no longer be used, he wanted to find us to replace the equipment. The customer’s production scale is not very large. We recommended the 100B four-head paper tube machine to the customer because the customer has requirements for the strength of the paper tubes produced. According to the customer’s needs, we equipped the customer with a paper tube tester.

Here is the paper tube-making machine YouTube video testing in our factory for our Panama customer for your reference!!

After the paper tube machine factory completed the stocking, the customer conducted a trial machine test at the factory according to the customer’s requirements. The customer was very satisfied with the machine and our expertise. Later, we added 2 semi-automatic tube-cutting machines and paper tube baling machines.

The equipment ordered by customers has now been stocked and shipped according to the contract. We hope that the paper tube processing equipment of our Panamanian customers will be installed and put into operation as soon as possible, helping Panamanian customers to obtain continuous profits!!

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paper tube core machine

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