paper core making process details

Paper Core Making Process

The paper core-making process is simple, it just needs a paper core-making machine. The paper core-making machine can help your paper core-making business with high quality. The paper core-making process mainly includes paper slitting and rewinding machines, paper core-making machines, paper core cutting machines, and paper core finishing machines.

The paper core-making process involves the following steps:

Paper cutting: Large paper rolls are cut into smaller sheets of the desired width.
Gluing: The paper sheets are then glued together to form a long strip.
Rolling: The glued paper strip is rolled around a mandrel to form the core’s shape and size.
Cutting: The rolled paper is then cut into individual cores of the desired length.
Finishing: The cores are trimmed, labeled, and packaged for shipping.

Here is the paper core-making process and YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

From the above video, you can also see the paper core-making process is more intuitive. If you also want to start a paper core-making business, welcome to contact us freely!!

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paper core making process details

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