paper tube cutting machine packages

Paper Tube Cutting Machine Cases In Argentina

Our customer is from Argentina. The customer has his factory there that processes toilet paper. The customer used to mainly produce coreless toilet paper. To expand the market, the customer plans to produce cored toilet paper. Since it is in the preliminary production stage, the customer’s current toilet paper tubes are mainly obtained through purchase. The customer inquired that our tube-cutting machine is mainly used to cut toilet paper tubes.

According to the customer’s demand for the inner diameter of the paper tube and the production volume, our business manager recommended the single-blade paper tube cutting machine to the customer.

After establishing effective contact with our company, the customer was busy with other things for some time. Later, our account manager sent the customer information about their country’s football and re-established contact with the customer. The customer told us that he had no previous import experience and was therefore very cautious. Ask us if we have any customers who have cooperated with us in Argentina before, and get the consent of the customers who have cooperated with us. We gave him the customer’s contact information, and the customer had very good feedback on our machines and services.

Later, we went to the factory to show the actual test machine video to the customer. The customer also recognized the strength of our company and finally chose to cooperate with us.

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paper tube cutting machine packages

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