papcakged simple paper tube cutting machine

Simple Paper Tube Core Cutting Machine Delivery To Saudi Arabia

Our customer is a dealer from Saudi Arabia. He learned through the video that we are a manufacturer of paper tube-cutting machines. The Saudi customer is looking for paper paper tube cutting machines for local end users.

Through communication with the customer, we learned that the customer’s current output of paper tubes is not large, but they have requirements for the thickness of the paper tube. The inner diameter of the paper tube required by the customer is 76″ and 14 mm thick. According to the customer’s requirements, our business The manager recommended our simple single-blade pipe cutting machine to the customer. The following is a factory test video of the single-blade paper core-cutting machine for reference.

The Saudi customer is very satisfied with our simple paper tube cutting machine and said that he would consider upgrading to a multi-knife paper tube cutting machine after the production increases in the future. The multi-knife paper core cutting machine will have a faster cutting speed and can meet the needs of large-volume paper tube cutting. Below is a YouTube video of the multi-knife paper core cutting machine for reference.

Now the single-knife paper tube-cutting machine in Saudi Arabia has been packaged in wooden boxes and has been sent to the customer’s country. We hope the customer’s single-knife paper core cutting machine will be put into operation as soon as possible to help customers obtain more market profits!!

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papcakged simple paper tube cutting machine

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