parellel paper tube making machine

How To Make A Seamless Paper Tube?

Seamless paper tube making is an efficient and sustainable method of producing paper products. It works by rolling paper into a cylindrical shape to form a strong tubular structure for packaging, transporting, and storing various items. The parallel paper tube-making machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used to manufacture seamless paper tubes. It works by winding the paper around a central shaft and then gluing the paper together to form a parallel/seamless paper tube.

First, the operator places the paper on the infeed of the parallel tube-making machine. Paper can be pre-cut or continuously rolled. The infeed guides the paper into the working area of the machine.

Next, the paper is wound around a central shaft. This central axis is the core component of the parallel paper tube machine, which rotates and drives the winding of the paper. By controlling the rotation speed of the central shaft and the feeding speed of the paper, the diameter and length of the paper tube can be controlled.

As the paper is being wound, the operator applies adhesive to the paper. The adhesive can be glue, tape, or other adhesive material. The position and method of applying the adhesive can be adjusted according to the requirements of the paper tube.

Once the paper has been wound and the adhesive has been applied, the parallel/seamless paper tubes press the paper tightly to ensure that the adhesive holds the paper firmly together. Typically, the machine will use pressure rollers or other pressure devices for this step.

Finally, the seamless paper tube is cut to the desired length. The parallel paper tube-making machine is usually equipped with a cutting device, which can cut the seamless paper tubes into different lengths according to the needs. After cutting, the seamless paper tube can be taken out from the discharge port of the machine.

Here is the seamless paper tube-making process by parallel paper tube-making machine youtube video in our factory for your reference!!

In short, the parallel paper tube-making machine realizes the manufacture of paper tubes by winding, gluing, and cutting paper. It is an efficient and precise mechanical equipment widely used in the paper products industry. Seamless paper tube making is a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, and efficient method of producing paper products. It provides an affordable packaging solution for businesses and contributes to environmental protection. With the increasing demand for sustainable development, seamless paper tube manufacturing is expected to become the mainstream manufacturing method in the paper product industry in the future.

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parellel paper tube making machine

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