large paper tube making machine

Large Paper Tube Machine Shipped To Ecuador

Our customer comes from Ecuador and is engaged in the paper product processing and printing business. Through Ali, he learned that our company provides this kind of large paper tube machine.
Through further communication with customers, we learned that customers purchase this equipment mainly for their own printing and papermaking businesses. The customer originally wanted to purchase equipment locally, but there were very few local manufacturers supplying such large paper tube machines and they were expensive. Later the customer decided to import the equipment. By providing customers with a test machine video in the factory and a demonstration of our factory, customers are quite satisfied with our machines and the company’s strength.

Here is the large paper tube-making machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper layer:3-30 layers
Paper Tube Inner diameter:38-500 (mm)
Paper Tube Thickness:1-15(mm)
Speed:0-45 (m/min)

Our large paper tube machines advantages:

  1. The host adopts electric angle adjustment, which is easy to operate;
  2. The mold is flange and fixed with snap-on buckles, making it easy to replace;
  3. The cutting table is equipped with a servo-synchronized circular knife to make the paper tube gaps even and the cutting end face smooth;

Now the customer’s paper tube machine has been shipped as scheduled by the contract. We hope this large paper tube machine can help the customer’s paper making and printing business to gain more profits!!

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large paper tube making machine

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