paper tube fine cutting machine packing

Paper Tube Cutting Machine Cases Sri Lankan

Sri Lankan customers learned that we are a manufacturer of pipe-cutting machines through Facebook. The customer is engaged in the paper products business in Sri Lanka, including kraft paper, envelope paper, self-adhesive paper, carbonless paper, etc., and often comes to China to participate in various paper product exhibitions.

Through further communication with the customer, we learned that the customer already has paper tube-making machine equipment. You want to buy our paper tube precision cutting machine to cut paper tubes into fixed sizes for use in potato chip buckets, toilet paper rolls, etc.

According to the customer’s use of the paper tube, our customer recommended the corresponding model of the paper tube precision cutting machine to the customer. The paper tube processing range of this paper tube fine-cutting machine is as follows:
Paper tube diameter: Φ50-152 (mm)
Paper tube thickness: 1-15 (mm)
Cutting length: 30-2000 (mm)

It is fully able to meet the processing of paper tube sizes by Sri Lankan customers.

Here is the paper tube cutting machine testing in our factory for Sri Lankan customers for your reference!!

Through advanced cutting technology and precision knives, the paper tube precision cutting machine can complete precise cutting tasks in a short time, ensuring that the size and shape of each paper tube meet the requirements. For Sri Lankan customers, this means greatly reducing labor costs and production time and improving production efficiency.

The customer has now received the machine and the installation is running fine. It has successfully helped customers expand the paper product market and will help customers achieve more and more profits in the future!!

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paper tube fine cutting machine packing

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