Automatic Paper Cone Making Machine For Sale



Automatic paper cone machine is a machine that automatically manufactures paper cones. It can automatically roll the paper into a cone shape, and perform processes such as cutting and gluing, and finally make a paper tube. It is an efficient and automatic equipment that can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of paper cones.

automatic paper cone machine

The automatic paper cone machine working principle is to make the paper cone by rolling the paper into the machine and going through a series of processing steps.

First, the paper is cut to size and then rolled to form a cone;
Next, the bottom of the paper cone is glued to ensure its firmness;
Finally, the paper cones are cut to the required length and collected by a conveyor belt or other means;

Here is the paper cone making machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!


Series Specification Parameter
01 Total power 12.63KW
02 Speed pcs/min 45-60
03 Voltage 380V 50HZ/ 60HZ
04 Dimensions mm 6200X 2200X 1400
05 Production Specifications 3°4°5°9° Various tubes


Automatic machines can produce large quantities of paper cones at a much faster rate than making paper cones by hand. This is very beneficial for manufacturers as it saves time and labor costs.

It adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing process, which ensures the stability and durability of the machine. It is also equipped with a variety of safety equipment to ensure the safety of operators.

Consistent quality.
Due to its automated nature, the machine is able to maintain consistent operation through each step, thereby precisely controlling the size and quality of the paper tube, ensuring product consistency and stability. This is very important for customers, because high-quality paper cones are easier to obtain high market profits.

paper cone machine details

Automatic paper cone making machine is an advanced paper tube production equipment with the characteristics of high efficiency, precision and reliability. It has a wide range of applications and brings convenience and benefits to the paper product industry. We believe that with the continuous advancement of technology, Baota paper tube automatic coiling machine will play a greater role in the future development.


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