Automatic Paper Tube Grinding Polishing Machine For Sale



The paper tube grinding machine is used to grind paper tubes. It consists of a rotating brush driven by an electric motor and a grinding disc with a grinding stone. The main function of the paper tube grinder is to grind both ends of the paper tube to make it flat and smooth.

paper tube polishing machine

Paper tube is a common packaging material, widely used to make cartons, paper bags, etc. However, during use, the ends of the paper tube tend to become damaged or uneven, which affects the quality and appearance of the package. Therefore, using a paper tube grinder can effectively solve this problem.

Paper Tube Grinding Machine Parameter

Paper tube inner dia:76-152mm

Cutting lengths: 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, and 2500mm

Here is the paper tube polishing machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Tube Grinding Machine Operation

First, place the paper tube to be ground on the grinding disc;
Then start the motor to make the brushes and discs start to rotate;
Next, place the two ends of the paper tube on the brush and the disc respectively, and gently move the paper tube so that it comes into contact with the brush and the disc;
By constantly moving the tube, the ends of the tube can be ground evenly until they are flat and smooth.

Paper Tube-Polishing Machine Advantages

The port is smooth and round, shiny and the port is beautiful;
The pure copper motor has stable performance and can work for a long time;
The length range of the grinding tube is large, the adjustment is convenient and the speed is fast;
Automatic pipe clamping, automatic repair of burrs, fast grinding speed, and smooth cross-section;

polished paper tube

Paper Tube Grinding Machine Features

Thickened and stable body, strong and durable;
Stable performance, simple operation, and long service life;
Good efficiency, long working hours, stable performance, fast cooling speed, and extended service life;

In a word, the paper tube grinding polishing machine is a very practical machine, which can effectively solve the problem of broken and uneven ends of the paper tube. Its high efficiency, convenience, and easy operation make it an indispensable piece of equipment in the packaging industry.


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