Automatic Textile Paper Tube Making Machine For DTY Paper Tube



The textile paper tube-making machine is a machine used to make paper textile tubes. Textile paper tubes are manufactured primarily by rolling cardboard or paper into a tube shape and securing it together with glue or other adhesive. Textile paper tubes play an important role in the textile industry for packaging textiles such as cloth, yarn, rope, etc.

textile paper tube making machine
textile paper tube-making machine

Textile Paper Tube-Making Machine Advantages

Firstly, it can efficiently produce textile paper tubes. Through the automated production process, it can quickly manufacture high-quality paper tubes, greatly improving production efficiency.

Secondly, the textile paper tube-making machine has a lower cost. Compared with traditional manual manufacturing methods, the use of machines can reduce labor costs and reduce scrap rates. This makes the manufacture of textile paper tubes more cost-effective.

In addition, textile paper tube-making machines can ensure the quality and consistency of textile paper tubes. Due to the precise and automated nature of the paper tube machine, the manufactured textile paper tubes have the same size and strength, which increases the reliability and availability of the product.

Finally, the textile paper tube-making machine also has a long service life and requires less maintenance. The machine adopts high-quality materials and components, which are carefully designed and manufactured with high durability. At the same time, the maintenance of the machine is relatively simple, only regular maintenance and repairs are required.

Here is the textile paper tube-making machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper Tube Making Machine Parameter

Paper layer 3-25layers
Inner diameter 30-200(mm)
Thickness 2-15(mm)
Speed 0-27(m/min)
Fixed length mode Numerical control (light control)
Winding head Four head
Cutting method Three knife
Gluing method Double-sided glue
Way to control Frequency
Input voltage 380V/220V
Number of operators 1-3
Total weight 5400kg

Spiral Paper Tube-Making Machine Features

1: Modular electrical layout design, easy to use and maintain;
2: The paper rack adopts right-angle feeding, and the tension is adjusted;
3: Gluing method: double-sided gluing, independent stainless steel glue tank;
4: The main motor adopts a vector-type high-torque frequency converter for speed regulation;
5: The encoder data controls the length, and the automatic speed change function makes the cutting length of the paper tube more accurate;
6: Strong versatility, high-performance configuration, high-performance reducer for main machine winding, two driving wheels, and single belt winding method;

paper tube making machine price

Textile paper tube-making machines play an important role in the textile industry. It not only provides efficient and reliable textile paper tube manufacturing solutions but also promotes the development of the textile industry. With the continuous development and innovation of the textile industry, the textile paper tube-making machine will also continue to develop and improve to meet the changing market needs.


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