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Honeycomb paperboard laminating machine is a piece of equipment used to produce honeycomb paperboard. Honeycomb cardboard is a lightweight, strong and environmentally friendly material widely used in packaging, construction and other fields.

Honeycomb-paperboard-Panel-Laminating -Machine

The honeycomb cardboard laminating machine working principle is to bond the layers of honeycomb cardboard together through heat pressing technology to form a strong structure. The machine usually consists of a main control system and multiple work units. Each work unit is responsible for feeding a layer of honeycomb cardboard into the machine for lamination.

Honeycomb Cardboard Laminating Machine Features

Honeycomb cardboard laminating machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and stability;

It can automatically complete the entire lamination process, reducing labor costs and production time;

Due to the use of hot pressing technology, the interlayer bonding of honeycomb cardboard is stronger, improving product quality and reliability;

In addition to the lamination function, the honeycomb paperboard laminator can also be equipped with other auxiliary equipment, such as automatic cutting and stacking systems, to improve production efficiency and automation;

honeycomb paperboard laminating machine details

Honeycomb Carboard Laminator Machine Parameter

No. Item HF(B)-1600
1 Thickness of honeycomb paperboard 6-100mm
2 Maximum width of machine 1600mm
3 Cardboard cutting precision +-2mm
4 Length of honeycomb paperboard(after cutting) >=500mm
5 Applicable paper 170-600gms cardboard paper or Kraft paper
6 Layer of face paper 1
6 Maximum designing speed 20m/min
7 The actual production speed 6-16m/min.(According to the paper dry degree、Glue quality、paper core thickness、Local humidity and other factors to change )
8 Heating drying method electrical heating
9 Total motor power 30KW
10 Electric heating power 90KW
11 Installation power 90kw
12 Man power 3-4 for normal working
13 Layout 40000X4000X2000mm
14 Machine Weight 25 tons
15 Power supply 3 Ph. 380 V AC/50Hz

In short, the honeycomb paperboard laminating machine is an important production equipment that provides an efficient and stable solution for the manufacturing of honeycomb paperboard. With the increasing demand for environmentally friendly materials, honeycomb paperboard laminating machines have broad application prospects in various industries.


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