Honeycomb Paperboard Core Making Machine



Honeycomb cardboard core making machine is a device used to manufacture honeycomb cardboard core. It can compress cardboard or paper into a honeycomb structure, which is used to make various packaging, thermal insulation materials, etc.From width 1600-2500mm. The entire production process requires 2-3 people. Make the thickness of the honeycomb core 6-100mm, and the production capacity varies from 3-10 tons/shift. The honeycomb core produced by this machine can be used for honeycomb panel composite, door filling, furniture, display pieces, etc.

honeycomb paperboard pellets making machine

The honeycomb paperboard core making machine main components include the pressing part, cutting part, pressure control system, etc. By controlling the parameters of pressing and cutting, honeycomb paperboard cores of different specifications and shapes can be produced.

Honeycomb Paperboard Core Making Machine Features

Taiwan Motor
Dual servo motors enable the machine to maintain the stability of high-speed cutting;
Shangyin high-precision guide rail
The assembly process is refined to ensure the machine maintains the stability of high-speed cutting;
Double servo rack
It adopts gantry structure type, with bilateral drive and gear rack, which has the characteristics of good stability and rigidity;

honeycomb paperboard pelltes core making machine

Honeycomb Paperboard Making Machine Parameter

No. Item HCM-2000
1 The thickness of honeycomb paperboard 6-100mm
2 Width of paper core (before expanding) 2000mm
3 Honeycomb core cutting speed 0-800 cuts/min.(decided by thickness)
4 Cutting tolerance +-0.1mm (with ring crush index over 7.0 Nm/g, thickness less than 50mm)
5 Applicable paper 90-200gsm corrugated paper as core paper(over 200gsm, use 4 layers)
6 Qty of paper reels 4
7 Cell size 8-40mm (according to customer choice, choose two cell sizes)
8 Heating drying method Electric heating /steam heating (according to customer condition)
9 Total Engine power                          42KW
10 Installation power 90kw (electric heating system)
11 Normal working power consumption 40-60kw (electric heating)
12 Manpower 3
13 Layout 28000X4500X3000mm
14 Weight 30 Tons
15 Power supply Three phases, 380V/50Hz

Here is the paper board core making machien youtube video working process for your reference!!

The honeycomb cardboard core making machine advantages are high production efficiency, low cost, environmental protection, etc. It is widely used in packaging, construction, automobile, aviation and other fields.

As people have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection, the application prospects of honeycomb paperboard core making machines are becoming more and more broad. We believe that in future development, it will have wider applications and more outstanding performance.


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