Automatic Kraft Paper Tube Fine Cutting Machine



The kraft paper tube cutting machine is suitable for the production of paper tubes with large batches and short cutting lengths, and the cutting of kraft paper tubes with high output. It is widely used in textiles, stationery, sanitary products, plastics, printing, packaging, and other industries.

kraft paper tube cutting machine

Automatic Paper Tube Cutting Machine Advantages

PLC programmable controller;
Fast speed, saving time and effort;
System positioning and cutting precision;
Automatic pinching and automatic shutdown;

Paper Tube Cutting Machine Parameter

Paper tube length:2700mm

Paper tube thickness:3-15mm

Paper tube inner diameter:76-152mm

Support customization

Here is the kraft paper tube fine-cutting machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Kraft Paper Tube Cutting Machine Design

Paper tube fine cutting machine The paper tube cutting machine can be adjusted in a large range and is easy to operate;

It is convenient to adjust the length of the paper tube, to ensure the length of the paper tube, and to use the same speed according to different paper tubes, so as to achieve the best effect;

The paper tube fine-cutting machine is also used in many ways, and the finely cut paper tube is shaped into a paper tube curling with a smooth end surface and inner and outer fillet length;

The adjustable mold can rotate in reverse quickly, the two-phase force is consistent, the adjustable range is large, and the operation is flexible and convenient;

There is a locking thread on the grinding head shaft, which is convenient for adjusting the length of the paper tube. This machine adopts cam feeding to ensure the stability of the length of the paper tube;

Paper Tube Fine Cutting Machine Features

Thickened channel steel
It is cast with high-quality channel steel, which is strong and durable as a whole, and refuses to cut corners.

Color touch screen
Color touch screen, man-machine interface, accurate data input.

High-precision ball screw
Servo positioning, high-precision screw drive, and cutting resolution can reach 0.01mm

Pure copper brake motor
Pure copper brake motor, long service life, high efficiency, stronger safety

CNC chuck, self-centering jaws clamp paper tubes, saving paper tubes for you

paper tube cutting machine details

The kraft paper tube cutting machine can greatly improve the production efficiency of paper tubes and reduce labor costs through the automated cutting system. The cutting accuracy is high, which can ensure that the length of each kraft paper tube is consistent and improve the packaging quality of the product. At the same time, stable conveying systems and control systems can ensure long-term stable operation of equipment, reduce failure rates, and improve production efficiency. If you are also interested in kraft paper tube cutting machine, please feel free to leave a message with us online for more details and free quotation!!


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