Semi Automatic Soft Packet Napkin Paper Packing Machine



The semi-automatic soft packet napkin paper packaging machine is an efficient and intelligent machine that can quickly package napkins into small packages for people’s convenience. The napkin paper packing machine uses a semi-automatic working method to replace traditional manual packaging, which not only improves production efficiency but also reduces manual operation time and costs.

napkin paper packaging machine

Semi-automatic paper-packet napkin paper packaging machines are usually composed of conveyor belts, folding devices, sealing devices, and counting devices, which can quickly and accurately complete paper packaging work. Semi-automatic paper packaging machines play an important role in industrial production and can help companies improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the quality and standardization of product packaging.

Semi Automatic Napkin Paper Packing Machine Parameter

Packaging speed 15-20 pack/minute
Power voltage 220V, 50Hz
Gas source air pressure 0.6MPa (self-provided by customer)
4 Total power 0.4kW
Packaging size(L *W *H) (100-250)*(90-160)* (50-80) mm customized
Weight 400kg
Machine size 3400mm x 1000mm x 1100mm

Here is the soft packet napkin paper packing machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Soft Packet Napkin Paper Packing Machine Advantages

1. Sensing first and then working, making it safer for operators to use;

2. The napkin packing machine can package products of various specifications;

3. The packaging sealing effect is beautiful and neat, the control and positioning are accurate, and the operation is semi-automatic;

4. Using PLC computer programming control, LCD text display parameters can be used to set parameters for related systems, realizing human-machine dialogue and more precise control;

5. The napkin paper packing machine has a reasonable structure, stable performance, solid materials, and water cooling to protect the heating wire, making the heating wire and high-temperature-resistant tape durable;

6. This napkin paper packing machine can be operated by two people and can be directly connected to the middle bag packaging machine. The semi-automatic napkin paper packing machine is faster and more labor-saving, which greatly improves production efficiency, reduces enterprise manufacturing costs and management costs, and reduces production space;

packaged napkin paper


The small pack napkin packaging machine is an essential piece of equipment for modern production. It will bring more convenience and benefits to our production and life.


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