High Speed Paper Angle Edge Board Protector Making Machine



High-speed paper angle protector making machine is an advanced equipment used to produce paper edge/corner protectors. It adopts the latest technology and innovative design to produce high-quality corner edge protectors at high speed and efficiency.

paper angle protector machine

Automatic Paper Angle Protector Machine Benifits

1. It improves production efficiency and reduces production time and cost;

2. Due to the high-speed operation and automated functions of the machine, the possibility of human error is reduced and the quality and consistency of the product are improved;

3. The machine can also meet the needs of different customers and produce a variety of corner protectors, increasing the flexibility and competitiveness of the enterprise;

Here is the high speed paper angle protector machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper Edge Protector Machine Parameter

Paper Angle Protector Machine Specification
Width Wide20-100mm
Paper tube thickness Long50-9000mm
Bend length Thick2-8mm
Production speed 0-70m/min
paper layers 12layers
Forming roller 12groups
Double roller heating 4groups
way to control Frequency
Cut off method Automatic CNC cutting
Number of operators 1-2
total weight 6212kg

Paper Board Protector Machine Advantages

First, it has high-speed production capabilities and can produce large quantities of corner protectors in a short time. This is very important for businesses that need to produce paper edge protectors in large quantities;

Secondly, the paper board protector machine adopts an automated production process, reducing the need for manual operations and improving production efficiency and product consistency;

In addition, the paper angle board protector machine also has adjustable manufacturing capabilities and can produce corner protectors of different sizes and shapes according to customer needs;

paper edge protector machine details

Paper Angle Protector Making Machine Features

1. Production speed 0-35m/min

2. This equipment has a wide range of paper specification requirements;

3. Production specifications can be set arbitrarily, and changing specifications is convenient and quick;

4. Imported servo system, hydraulic cutting device, high cutting accuracy, multiple knives can be cut at the same time;

5. The human-machine interface is simple and convenient to operate, and only 2-3 people are needed to complete the machine;

6. A variety of gluing methods are available for users to choose, and the controllable heating system ensures uniform gluing and smooth edge wrapping;

7. Eight sets of cylinder pressure are used to control the synchronous press wheels to ensure uniform rotation speed and equal pressure, effectively avoiding wrinkles, damage and other phenomena of tissue paper;

The high-speed paper corner edge panel protector making machine is an advanced equipment with the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and environmental protection. It plays an important role in the packaging industry, improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and protecting products from damage.


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