Automatic Spiral Candy Paper Tube Making Machine



The candy tube-making machine rolls paper or cardboard into cylinders and glues them together to form paper tubes for wrapping candies or other similar products. It is a kind of equipment for producing candy wrapping paper tubes. It uses advanced technology and efficient workmanship to quickly and accurately manufacture high-quality paper tubes to meet the needs of the confectionery industry.

candy paper tube making machine

The candy paper tube-making machines typically consist of a series of automated steps including paper reeling, cutting, gluing, and forming. It is capable of handling multiple paper types such as cardboard, foil, and wrapping paper to suit different kinds of confectionary packaging needs.

Paper Tube-Making Machine Advantages

1. Automatic receiving;
2. Automatic paper break stop;
3. Equipped with multi-knife cutting device;
4. Automatic paper loading and automatic angle swing save labor time;
5. The finished product can be rolled out at one time, eliminating the need for secondary cutting;

Candy Paper Tube Making Machine Parameter

Technical parameter
Number of paper layers 2-12layers
Paper tube diameter 30-150(mm)
The thickness of the tube 1-8(mm)
 Speed 0-27(m/min)
Minimum pipe-cutting length 90mm
Main power 11KW
Input voltage 380V/220V
Number of operators 1-3
Total weight 3882kg

Here is the candy paper tube-making machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Spiral Paper Tube-Making Machine Features

1. CNC Hefu cutter device, high-precision cutting;

2. The fastest speed reaches 60 m/min for stable production;

3. Computer PLC controls touch screen man-machine interface operation;

4. The circular knife actively cuts, the cut is more stable, and the performance is more stable;

5. The high carbon steel rubber knife is made of stainless steel glue salt polytechnic resin, which is durable;

6. Integral paper holder and glue supply system, paper guide integrated linkage device, fully electric adjustment;

7. Automatic cutting and automatic drop tube, automatic speed change, and automatic recovery during cutting;

8. Equipped with a multi-functional backing paper waxing device, the machine will stop automatically when there is no paper;

9. Equipped with a multi-knife cutting device, the finished product can be rolled out at one time, eliminating the need for secondary cutting and saving labor time;

In a word, candy paper tube-making machine is an indispensable equipment in the candy industry. It can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. As the confectionery market continues to develop, this type of machine will continue to play an important role and contribute to the development of the industry.


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