Automatic Spiral Square Paper Tube Making Machine



The square paper tube-making machine is a device used to manufacture square paper tubes, which plays an important role in the packaging industry. This kind of paper tube machine can roll paper into a tube shape, and then go through a series of processing steps to finally shape it into a square paper tube. Such paper tubes are very practical when packaging various products as they provide better protection and support.

square paper tube making machine

Square paper tube-making machines usually consist of multiple parts, including paper winding parts, forming parts, cutting parts, and conveying parts.

The square paper tube-making machine working principle is very complex and requires a high degree of automation and precise control systems. These machines are usually equipped with advanced sensors and controllers to ensure the quality and stability of the paper tubes. In addition, they have efficient production capabilities and can meet the needs of mass production.

First, the paper is rolled onto the machine and then goes through a series of processing steps, such as embossing, gluing, folding, etc., and is finally shaped into a square paper tube. These paper tubes can be customized in size and length according to customer needs to meet the packaging needs of different products.

Here is the square paper tube-making machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Square Paper Tube Machine Features

1. The molding transmission part is controlled by a servo motor, precise transmission structure, high efficiency, and low failure;

2. The main power adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation, and the cutter adopts servo synchronous tracking for precise cutting;

3. According to the output needs, multiple batches of batch production can be set, and the machine will automatically stop after the production is completed;

4. The mold is fixed with an automatic chuck, making it easy to replace. The mold loading and unloading are assisted by a crane and an electric hoist, which is easy to operate.

5. Adopting a PLC control system and touch screen operation interface, the human-machine interface is easy to learn and operate. Automatic fault diagnosis and early warning feedback on the touch screen;

6. The automatic swing angle of the host can be controlled by a motor. Just press the swing angle switch, which saves the trouble of moving the glue rack and paper loading rack when changing molds in the traditional way.

Square Paper Tube Making Machine Parameter

Paper layers number 3-12 layers
Paper tube thickness 2-8(mm)
Reeling speed 1-6(m/min)
Input voltage 380V/220V
Control method PLC
Paper shape Square and hexagonal paper tubes
Fixed length mode CNC
High-speed saw-cutting method Single circular knife automatic tracking cutting
square paper tube making machine
In the modern packaging industry, square paper tube forming machines have become indispensable equipment. They can produce high-quality paper tubes, improving packaging efficiency and product quality. At the same time, they can also reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency, saving costs for enterprises.

Overall, the square paper tube-making machine plays a very important role in the packaging industry. They can not only produce high-quality paper tubes but also improve production efficiency and reduce costs. With the continuous advancement of technology, it is believed that square paper tube-making machines will become more intelligent and efficient, bringing more convenience and benefits to the packaging industry.


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