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Facial tissue wrapping machine is a machine used to automatically package facial tissue. Its design and functionality are designed to improve production efficiency and packaging quality. This machine automatically folds and packages facial tissues into appropriate sizes for easy storage and use.

facial tissue wrapping machine

The facial tissue wrapping machine working principle : bagging → automatic conveying → automatic bagging → automatic sealing and date printing → fully automatic completion (edge-cut sealing).

Facial tissue wrapping machines use advanced technology and precise control systems to ensure consistent quality and appearance for each package. It can complete the packaging process quickly and accurately, saving labor and time costs.The operation of this facial tissue wrapping machine is simple. You only need to put the facial tissue into the feed port, and then the machine will automatically fold and package it. It is also equipped with various sensors and safety devices to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Here is the facial tissue wrapping machine youtube video working process in our facotry for your reference!!

Facial Tissue Wrapping Machine Features

1. Scope of use: packaging of tissue paper, tissue paper, hand towels, wet wipes, etc.

2. This equipment adopts PLC programmable controller to program the operation of the whole machine.

3. The facial tissue wrapping machine uses high-sensitivity photoelectric detection sensors for feeding to prevent material clogging and ensure feeding accuracy.

4. The sewing temperature of the equipment is independently controlled by PID, which is better suitable for various packaging materials and improves the sealing quality.

5. The whole machine has a compact structure, fast packaging speed, stable and reliable performance, high degree of automation, and simple operation. It is the first choice product for the production of tissue packaging!

6. The equipment has two operating modes: manual and automatic. If you choose the manual program, you can use the foot pedal to control its work; if you choose the automatic program, you can freely adjust the bagging speed as needed.

Facial Tissue Wrapper Parameter


15-40Pack/minute (depending on packaging material)

Rated frequency


Rated voltage


Total power




Package Size






Facial tissue wrapping machines have a wide range of applications. It can be used for large-scale production on factory production lines or for small-volume production in small businesses or home studios. Whether for large-scale or small-batch production, this machine provides efficient packaging solutions.

The emergence of facial tissue wrapping machines has made the production of facial tissue industry more efficient and convenient. Not only does it improve production efficiency, it also improves packaging quality and consistency. The use of such machines not only saves labor and time costs, but also reduces the possibility of human error.

In short, facial tissue wrapping machine is a machine with efficient, reliable and precise packaging functions. It plays an important role in the facial tissue industry, providing manufacturers with convenient and high-quality packaging solutions. As technology continues to advance, facial tissue packaging machines will continue to develop and improve to meet the growing market demand.


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