Industrial Fireworks Paper Tube Making Machine For Sale



Fireworks are a popular celebration and a firework paper tube-making machine is one of the necessary equipment for making fireworks. The function of the firework paper tube machine is to roll the paper into a tube shape for making various types of fireworks.

Fireworks Paper Tube Making Machine Advantages

First, it increases the efficiency of fireworks manufacturing. The machine can make a large number of paper tubes quickly and accurately, saving manpower and time.

Second, it improves the quality and consistency of fireworks. Due to the precision of the machine, the diameter and length of the paper tube can be kept consistent, ensuring the stability and safety of the fireworks.

Spiral Paper Tube Making Machine Parameter

Technical parameter
 Paper layer 2-7layers
Inner diameter 15-75(mm)
 Thickness 1-5(mm)
 Speed 0-45(m/min)
Fixed length mode Numerical control (light control)
Winding head Two head
Cutting method Circular knife CNC automatic
Gluing method Double-sided glue
Way to control Frequency
Input voltage 380V/220V
Number of operators 1-3
Total weight 1700kg

Here is the small paper tube machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper Tube-Making Machine Features

Ultra-low noise 65 decibels;
Automatic gluing Manual gluing;
Automatic speed change and automatic recovery during cutting;
The circular knife actively cuts, the cut is smoother, and the performance is more stable;
Automatic cutting, automatic drop tube, automatic stop function when the paper is out of paper;

Firework paper tube-making machine plays an important role in the fireworks manufacturing process. It improves manufacturing efficiency and consistency in fireworks quality but presents some challenges. We can expect such machines to develop and improve in the future as technology advances.


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