Automatic Fireworks Paper Cone Making Machine For Sale



Fireworks paper cone paper tube machine is a professional equipment used to produce cone-shaped fireworks. This fireworks paper cone making machine can efficiently manufacture paper cones and tubes of various heights and specifications, providing convenience and efficiency to fireworks manufacturers.

fireworks paper cone making machine

The design and manufacture of fireworks paper cone making machines need to consider many factors, including production capacity, production speed, product quality, safety, etc. Manufacturers need to choose suitable machine models based on market demand and their own actual conditions to ensure that they can meet customer needs and improve their competitiveness.

Fireworks Paper Cone Machine Parameter


Series Specification Parameter
01 Total power 12.63KW
02 Speed pcs/min 45-60
03 Voltage 380V 50HZ/ 60HZ
04 Dimensions mm 6200X 2200X 1400
05 Production Specifications 3°4°5°9° Various tubes

Here is the fireworks paper cone making machine youtube video working process for your reference!!

Fireworks Paper Cone Making Machine Working Principle

Fireworks paper cone making machines usually consist of multiple components, including paper supply system, cutting system, winding system and control system. Through the coordinated work of these parts, the machine is able to cut the raw paper into the required shape and size, and then roll it into paper tubes or paper cones. The process begins with raw paper material being fed into a machine, where it is then carefully rolled, shaped and precisely cut. The machine utilizes advanced automation and precision engineering to ensure uniformity of cone size, shape and thickness. This automated production method greatly improves the efficiency of fireworks production, reduces labor costs, and also ensures the quality and consistency of fireworks.

Here is the fireworks paper cone making machine youtube video working process for your referecne!!

Paper Cone Making Machine Advantages

1. High precision to ensure the consistency of the size of the fireworks cone;
2. Fully automatic production improves the production efficiency of fireworks;
3. Hardness testing of finished fireworks cones and strict compliance with international safety standards;

paper cone machine details

Fireworks Paper Cone Machine Features

It realizes low labor, low energy consumption, high efficiency and high quality in the production of fireworks paper tubes;
The production process is automatically controlled by PLC programming, and the host transmission adopts a cam distribution time mechanism;
It adopts stepless speed variable frequency control technology and widely uses photoelectric control, proximity control, pneumatic delay control, etc. without mechanical wear, which is a complete embodiment of electromechanical integration;

Overall, our automatic fireworks paper cone making machine is an ideal choice that can help manufacturers improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and ensure product quality. If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you to develop a prosperous fireworks manufacturing industry.


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