V Shape Paper Edge Corner Board Protector Machine Speed 70m/min



The paper edge corner protector machine can produce 70 meters of V-shape paper corner protectors per minute, which can process a large amount of cardboard in a short time and improve the production efficiency of paper corner protectors. The V-shaped cardboard corner protector is a device used to protect the corners of cardboard. Its unique design can effectively prevent cardboard from being damaged during handling and transportation. This is very important for companies that need to produce cardboard packaging in large quantities, as it can help them save time and labor costs.

v shape paper edge protector machine

Paper Edge Protector Working Principle

The paper corner protector working principle is to bend cardboard or paper into a corner shape and then fix it on the corner of the carton to form a strong corner protector. In this way, the corners of the carton can withstand greater pressure and impact, keeping the carton intact. Paper corner protectors usually have automated operation and can be adjusted according to the size and corner shape of the carton, and are suitable for the production of cartons of different specifications.
paper angle protector applications

Paper Corner Protector Machine Parameter

Paper Edge Width 20-100mm
Paper Edge Length 50-9000mm
Paper Edge Thickness Thick2-8mm
Production speed 0-70m/min
Paper layers 12layers
Forming roller 12groups
Double roller heating 4groups
Control way Frequency
Cut off method Automatic CNC cutting
Weight 6212kg

Here is the 70m/min paper edge board protector machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper Edge Protector Machine Advantages

The punching and printing function can be added according to customer needs, so that your packaging will not only be more precise, but also have a certain publicity effect;

The paper corner protectors produced by the paper corner protector machine can improve the pressure resistance and durability of the cartons and reduce transportation loss costs;

The paper corner protector can adjust the degree of reinforcement of the corners as needed to avoid wasting materials, improve packaging efficiency and save packaging materials, and achieve the purpose of saving resources;

pounched paper edge protector

In general, paper corner protectors machine are of great significance in the packaging industry. It can not only improve the overall strength and protection of packaging, but also improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. With the continuous development and progress of the packaging industry, the paper corner protector will play an increasingly important role and become one of the indispensable equipment in packaging production. If you are also interested in this paper corner protector machine, please feel free to leave a message with us online for more details and a free quotation!!


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