Paper Edge Protector Machine For U Shaped Corner



U shaped paper angle protector machine is specially designed for U-shaped paper angle protectors production with groove width 50-150mm, groove edge height 30-80mm, and thickness 2-8mm. This paper edge protector machine can automatically cuts cardboard into a U shape and folds it into the desired shape. These paper corner protectors are often used to protect the corners of products during packaging and shipping.

U shaped paper edge protector machine

U-shaped corner protection products are widely found in various industries, such as furniture, electrical appliances, glass, etc. These products often have U-shaped corners, and traditional cardboard corner protectors are difficult to meet their protection needs. The cardboard corner protector designed for U-shaped corner protectors can be customized according to the size and shape of the product to perfectly wrap the U-shaped corner and provide more comprehensive protection.

paper edge protector

Paper Corner Protector Machine Advantages

•Two-in-one glue application system, more flexible glue quantity control;

•Automatic alarm and fault prompt, making maintenance more convenient;

•Using imported pressure rollers, the paper corners are accurately shaped and the glue will not open;

•Touch screen and high-power servo system human-machine interface ensure accuracy and longevity;

Here is the U shaped paper edge protector machien youtube video working process in oru factory for your reference!!

U Shaped Paper Edge Protector Machine Parameter

Paper Angle Protection Specification Wide20-100mm
Production speed 0-30m/min
paper layers 12layers
Forming roller 8 groups
way to control numerical control
Cut off method Servo tracking cutting
Number of operators 1-2
total weight 4500kg


Paper Angle Protector Machine Features

1. The combined glue rack can adapt to the needs of different customers (single/double-sided glue can be applied);

2. It can accurately adjust the pressing position and pressing force of the forming wheel, and can produce different products without changing the mold;

3. It adopts eight sets of corner-protecting press rollers, four sets of flat plate press rollers, and four sets of paper groove press rollers, with pneumatic lifting and adjustable pressure;

4. Using PLC controller, the production efficiency is high and cutting is accurate. If customers have higher requirements, they can choose the internationally advanced flying shear system for cutting, which is more efficient.

paper edge protector machine details

The U-shaped paper corner protector machine is an upgraded version of the traditional L-shaped V-shaped paper corner protector machine. It perfectly solves the problems that the L-shaped V-shaped paper corner protector cannot completely wrap the U-shaped corner and is easily damaged. Effectively prevent products from being squeezed, collided and damaged during transportation, ensuring product integrity and quality. Therefore, the cardboard corner protector with U-shaped corner design is of great significance in the packaging industry. It not only protects the safety of products during transportation and storage, but also improves production efficiency and reduces costs. If you are also interested in this U-shaped paper corner protector, please feel free to leave a message with us online for more information and free quotation!!


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