2.8m Automatic Toilet Tissue Paper Rewinding Machine



The automatic toilet paper rewinding machine is mainly used to cut large rolls of toilet paper with 2.8m width into small rolls and rewindng them for easy cutting and sales. Using computer programming technology, it can realize automatic paper tube changing (or coreless automatic paper rolling), automatic glue spraying, edge sealing, and edge trimming. It can be used for fast and efficient rewinding of toilet paper. It can achieve high-speed and precise operation, which greatly improves the efficiency of toilet paper. Toilet paper production efficiency and product quality.

toilet paper rewinding machine

Its speed is 1500~1800m/min, and the maximum speed is more than 3000m/min. The emergence of fully automatic toilet paper rewinding machines has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of toilet paper production, reduced the labor intensity of workers, and improved product quality.

Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine Working Principle

Put the raw paper on the paper feeding frame (three-axis paper). The paper feeding frame has an automatic paper loading device and a paper feeding device, and then the paper is passed into the paper feeding roller. There is a tension bar device in front of the paper feeding roller to flatten the paper surface. , enter the punching device, and finally enter the guide roll device;

There are hollow paper shaft devices on both sides of the guide roller to make centerless roll paper;

The roll paper is guided repeatedly by the roll guide roller and the pressure roller (the tightness of the roll paper is adjusted according to the customer’s requirements, and it is convenient to adjust at will by the air pressure control). When the roll paper reaches a certain specification, the machine will automatically stop and push the roll paper out;

Here is the toilet paper rewinding machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Automatic Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine Parameter

Model: 2800
Base paper width: ≤2800mm
Equipment speed: 280m/min
Main power: 7.5KW
paper holder: 2 layers paper holder
Embossing Roller: Steel to wool roll (full embossed effect)
Dimensions: 6500mm*4200mm*1750mm

Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine Advantages

The automatic paper winding machine reduces the production cost and can automatically detect the tension and thickness of the paper, avoiding excessive stretching and waste;

The automatic paper roll machine improves the product quality and adopts advanced cutting technology to make the cutting edge neat and smooth, avoiding the waste and unevenness of paper;

The automatic paper roll machine improves production efficiency, adopts advanced technology and an intelligent control system, and can automatically complete the whole process of paper rolling, including paper cutting, positioning, winding, and sealing;

small toilet paper making machine details

Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine Operations Steps

1. Turn on the device: first you need to press the power switch to turn on the device.

2. Operate the computer: Start the computer system and select the operation interface of the device.

3. Set the quantity: Set the quantity of toilet paper to be rewinded, which will determine the stop point of this rewinding.

4. Select paper type: Select the type of paper to be rewound as required, so that the rewinder can adjust its speed and tension, etc.

5. Open the paper introducer: After confirming the completion of step 4, open the paper introducer and send the originally stored paper to the machine one by one.

6. Strip-by-strip rewinding: the rewinder will output toilet paper after strip-by-strip rewinding, and workers are responsible for collecting the rewound toilet paper.

7. Shutdown: When the rewinding paper quantity of the rewinder exceeds the set quantity, the equipment will automatically stop. It should be noted that the operation of the toilet paper rewinder requires certain skills and experience, and preparatory work must be done in place to ensure the safety and efficiency of the rewinding process. For first-time users, it is recommended to operate under the guidance of professionals.



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