Small Cardboard Tube Cutting Machine Paper Core Cutter



The small cardboard tube cutting machine also called a paper core cutter has a compact structure and a small footprint. It can cut paper tubes quickly and accurately, improve production efficiency, and save labor costs. It is especially suitable for small paper tube processors or bosses who have just started to engage in the paper tube processing business. It has small investments, fast profits, and stable operations!!

simple paper core cutter

Cardboard Tube Cutting Machine Features

1) Pneumatic control, easy to operate;

2) Driven by engineering plastic gears for smooth cutting;

3) The cutter can be adjusted freely to cut tubes of any size and length;

4) Suitable for cutting tape inner sleeves and paper tubes in related industries;

5) The sliding seat of the push frame uses linear bearings to increase the service life of the push frame;

6) If the thickness is less than 1mm, it cannot be sent out automatically. If the purpose exceeds 1mm, it can automatically go in and out;

Paper Core Cutter Parameter


Pipe inner diameter 15-160mm
Paper tube length 60-600mm
Pipe thickness 0.5-5mm
Pipe cutting speed 5-20/min
Knives number 5 sets
Size 1300*500*1000mm

Here is the simple paper tube cutter machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!


How To Use A Cardboard Tube Cutter

1. Power on:
Turn on the compressed air to the machine, stand facing the operation panel, turn on the main power, turn on the power switch of the equipment, and press the start button. At this time, the number displayed on the operation panel represents the position of the cutter.

2. Install paper tube:
Twist the cylinder valve handle down on the right end of the fuselage. At this time, the paper tube chuck on the left end of the rotating shaft opens, and the fixing device on the right end of the rotating shaft opens. Insert the paper tube from the right end of the rotating shaft to the far left end, and lift the cylinder valve. handle, clamp the paper tube, and fix the rotating shaft.

3. Cutting:
Turn the handwheel of the cutter platform to adjust the cutter of the multi-knife simple paper tube precision cutting machine to a position about 15 mm to the left of the right end surface of the paper tube, press the “Start” button, and the rotating shaft rotates;

Press the “Forward” button, and the cutter will be close to the paper tube for cutting. When the paper tube is cut, immediately press the “Exit” button, and press the “Reset” button to clear the position on the operation panel;

Move the cutting platform to the left so that the display on the operation panel is the same as the length of the paper tube to be cut. The knife advances to cut and the knife retreats to zero. At this time, the production of a target paper tube is completed;

Move the cutting platform to the left to continue making the next paper tube;

4. Unload the paper tube:
When the paper tube on the rotating shaft is cut, press the “Stop” button and twist the cylinder valve handle downwards

small paper tube cutting machine details

The small paper tube cutting machine is an efficient and cost-saving paper tube cutting equipment suitable for the packaging industry and paper product manufacturing industry. Its emergence not only improves production efficiency but also improves the working environment. It is one of the indispensable equipment in small paper tube processing and production. If you are also interested in a small and simple paper tube-cutting machine, please feel free to leave a message with us online to get a free quote!!


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