Cigarette Filter Paper Tube Making Machine



The cigarette filter paper tube-making machine‘s function is to roll filter paper into paper tubes and cut them into apposite-length filter cigarette tubes. The cigarette filter paper tube-making machine consists of a series of automated processes, including rolling the filter paper into a tube, cutting the filter paper into appropriate lengths, and adding filter rods to the tubular filter. These cigarette filter paper tube-making machines are designed to improve production efficiency and product quality while reducing labor costs and human errors in the production process. Filter tube-making machines play a key role in the cigarette industry, helping manufacturers meet market demand.

cigarette filter paper tube making machine

Cigarette Tube-Making Machine Features

1. Directly make the roll paper into a flat roll paper tube;

2. Adopt fully automatic, fully computerized, dual servo motor control;

3. Adopt rubber roller rolling method, diaphragm pump computer-controlled glue supply, with automatic edge grinding device;

4. The equipment PLC adopts the Zhongda all-in-one touch control system (operating interface in Chinese and English), and the servo motor and frequency converter adopt the Orui brand, which is durable;

5. All movements of the whole machine adopt CNC design, with a high degree of automation. It has the following significant advantages: high operational stability, low failure rate during the production process, large output, and low noise;

Here is the cigarette filter paper tube-making machine YouTube video working process for your reference!!


Cigarette Filter Paper Tube Making Machine Parameter

Model QZD-150(Special for cigarette filter tubes)
Input power AC380±10% 50Hz(AC220 Can be customized)
Tube reel servo motor 220V-380V  1KW  2000R/Min
Dust removal fan motor 1.5KW
Paper lifting motor×2 1.1KW
Total power 13.5KW
Enter air pressure >0.65MP
Processing length Within150mm
Maximum paper width Within300mm
Weight 1000-1500kg
Overall dimensions mm 4000×1000×1300
Production efficiency: pieces/h) 1000-1200pieces
Diameter range: mm 5-15
Paper tube wall thickness: mm 1-3(according to inner diameter)
Paper weight: g 170-200
Maximum base paper diameter Within 1300mm

Cigarette Filter Paper Tube-Making Machine Advantages

Save labor costs: Automated production processes reduce the need for manual intervention, thus saving a lot of labor costs and also reducing production costs due to human errors;

Reduced scrap rate: The precise control and automated operation of the pipe-making machine can reduce the scrap rate because it can detect and correct problems in the production process in time;

Strong adaptability: Cigarette paper tube-making machines usually have a certain degree of flexibility and adaptability and can adapt to the production needs of cigarette filters of different sizes, shapes, and types;

Guarantee product quality: The cigarette filter tube-making machine can ensure the consistency of the size, shape, and quality of cigarette filters, reduce product differences caused by human factors, and ensure that the product meets standards;

Improve production efficiency: The automated design and high-speed production capabilities of the pipe-making machine can greatly improve production efficiency, making it faster and more efficient than manual operation or traditional mechanical production methods;

cigarette filter paper tube making machine details

When choosing a cigarette filter paper tube-making machine, tobacco companies should make a choice based on their own production needs and budget. In addition to considering the price and performance of the machine, factors such as after-sales service and technical support should also be considered. Only by choosing a filter paper tube-making machine that suits your needs can you ensure smooth production. If you are also interested in this cigarette filter paper tube-making machine, please feel free to leave a message with us online for more details!!


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